That pile of Dodge …

So today on the way home I drank a fountain pop that had been sitting in my truck for a few days. Yes, I know that’s gross but I was thirsty and my options were limited.  As I thoughtfully slurped on the watery, flat, tepid pseduo-Sprite I contemplated both the oddly waxy aftertaste and the prospect of renaming the truck. 

We have several trucks in our arsenal, with the most colourful character being HAL the Silverado. HAL is pretty much what passes for my nemesis these days, and he never misses an opportunity to make me look bad in front of my boss. Or the client. Or any one of the other subcontractors. Or all of the above, on some of his better days. However, the truck that I have been saddled with was initially thought to be so devoid of both personality and build quality it was just known as “that pile of (insert expletive-of-the-now) Dodge.”

But, I think I will now call it The Retadin.

We have exactly one retadin in our guild, and we run exactly one Dodge truck on site. The retadin was a bit of an experiment, in as much as the player seemed like a friendly, intelligent, available (for raids, that is) sort who was excited about joining our guild and who seemed to know her class relatively well. We didn’t have one and so, amidst the cries of “lolret” from every direction, I recruited her, tossed her into an SSC raid and said “manage the buffs, or I’ll shard pally loot tonight.” It worked rather well. But then again, so did the Dodge – at first.

There’s nothing really *wrong* with our retadin, and there’s nothing really wrong with the Dodge either. Both are middle of the road in about every aspect. DPS, dependability, getting buffs right, ground clearance … pretty much anything you can ask of either our retadin or our truck it can do … tolerably well.  The fact that both pally and truck annoy the everliving hell out of me I think speaks more to my lack of patience than it does to any shortcoming on the part of either toon or machine.

Which of course leads me to think back to Vanilla WoW and all of the lolspecs. Shadow priest. DPS warrior. Oomkin. And of course, retribution. And while I wonder what lolspec WotLK will bring us, I worry that it will be “tanking warrior” and “healing priest.” I am entirely underwhelmed with what they are doing to both of those hearty staples of raid compositon and it makes me wistful and nostalgic for the old MC days.  Of course then I start thinking about how awful dkp was and how horrible it was to spend eleventy billion hours just to see the Eye of Dvinity go to the guild leader’s current love toy.  So, I’m thankful now that BC has come and brought a world of changes (not the least of which is my own guild to run, hopefully free of that sort of loot-based torture) and I will try not to be too pessimistic and I will try not to dwell on the sense that my holy priest will soon be laughed at as retadins once were, forcing me to respec into something else. Something that I am not.


I will also endeavour to stop looking at the heavy haulers and thinking I can turn my ret-specced Dodge into a tankadin.


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