So the poo dood came by the geo laydown yesterday. Not to get too scatalogically correct, but the essence of the matter is we have a port-a-potty out in the yard and every now and then some poor bugger (the aforementioned “poo dood”) comes by with a Jesus big vac truck and sucks all the effluvia out. It’s a thoroughly nasty job, and I’m glad I don’t have to do it, but I’m always happy to see him, because that means I’ll have a day or two where the port-a-potty doesnt smell so bad it would gag a plague rat. He needs to come by more often.

But the various and sundry gurgling, blurbling and other disturbing liquid-y noises coming from the yard distracted me from trying to think if I could have a facies transition from shore face to estuarine without any evidence of a tidal zone in between (short answer: no) and lead me to start thinking about poo. Specifically poo in the World of Warcraft.

Now I’ve called Burning Crusade many things. The World of Rangedcraft (hell *yes* my hunter can dps); The Shit Talk Expansion (shut *up* Magtheridon! SHUT UP!); and of course The Poo Expansion. I will direct your attention to two quests (sorry, both I believe are Alliance quests. I don’t have a Hordie in Outlands yes. Please lol at my fail. Ok you can stop now.) one in Hellfire Peninsula and one in Nagrand. While the adorable little quest that has you follow Fei Fei the dog around and find the “buried treasure” is not strictly about poo, per se, it does put one in mind of it. The other quest is the “dig through talbuk droppings” quest that gives you the unbeliveably delightful “poo cherry” quest reward. Poo cherries! And you eat them!

Now I enjoy some good toilet humour as much as the next person (ok, maybe more than the next person, but still …) and those two quests – especially the poo cherry one – left me in giggles. It was such enjoyable humour on Blizzard’s part, and I accessed both of those quests early on in my BC experience, so I was immediately charmed with the expansion! To me, Blizzard has made WoW about showcasing the sense of fun, the sense of play and childish delight in their work that their designers have. I could spend hours listing all of the fun things that are in WoW, the puns, the easter eggs, the toungue-in-cheek quest/NPC names. The exploding rocket chicken. A ROCKET CHICKEN!

When I head to the priest beta forums (or the QQ Club, as I think of them) I see a lack of humour. A lack of fun. Are we so mired in our theorycrafting and sundry that we don’t see the fun anymore? I generally enjoy my class and while I see that there has been a lack of developer attention to it so far, I’m not ready to reroll tree druid just yet. Why are there so many unhappy folks on these forums?

I will certainly have to admit, though, that my overall response to WotLK is a great big “meh”. Deathknights, meh. New priest talents, meh. Frozen stuff, meh! I want fun!

I want more fun items like the motorcycle and flying carpet mounts.
I want more fun pets like Mr Chilly the baby penguin.
I want more fun skills like Exotic Pets.

I just plain want more fun! And I want other folks to want more fun too. Why as I wade hip-deep in QQ and /wrists do I see only a single suggestion of how priests could be more fun? Not just better healers, or more useful raid spaces, but fun. (For the record, that one suggestion was that Holy Nova should have a knockback. Woo for more ways to fling folks off cliffs!). I want spell and talent balance, I want there to be a useful, proper and credible niche for my class and spec in lv 80 raids, but I want to enjoy it! I want to enjoy getting to 80 and when I’m there I want to enjoy the raids, too. I want more poo.

“Boycott shampoo. Demand the real poo!”

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  1. oriniwen said,

    September 15, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    I found the solution to the QQ Club. Apparantly there is indeed humour both on the forums, and somewhere in Blue Post Land.

    How do you like *dem* clams?

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