So, I wanted to write today about the announcement of the WotLK release date. I wanted to be able to describe the *squeeeee*-ing and the excitement that has swept through the guild as we realized that all those amorphous what-ifs and maybe-whens and speculations and wild rumours have now crystallized into something as tangible and solid as a date. It’s really happening, and we’d better be prepared.

But I’m not going to.

When I logged on last evening after work, I was told that Bellepheron, one of our paladin tanks had passed away in the night. He was young – late 30’s – with a wife and two children. His wife and his oldest are also in our guild. He suffered a massive stroke and I am told his passing was swift and painless.

Belle embodied the family spirit that permeates this guild and which I hold so dear. Not only did he bring his own family to our guild, but he was connected to a whole host of real-life friends that either were or eventually became guildies as well. And wherever he went, whatever instance he did or time he took to help or just chat, he forged new friendships. Bringing Belle to a raid made it feel less like going on a mission to some foreign and hostile territory, and more like we were all sitting down to a nice Sunday dinner with the family.

I will miss him terribly, and my heart aches for his wife and son and all his good friends. His family has suffered so many hardships in the past year, and I can only imagine how hard this blow must have hit.

Our guild mood was very subuded last night. When I logged on, I just hung out in Shatt and chatted to folks. Eventually more people wandered by, and we all just stood around, subdued and taking comfort in each other’s company. It was good to see all those familiar faces. It was good to know that we still have a family, even if one of our number has left us forever.

I think I will go for a walk this afternoon, leave work and the computer and everything behind. I will likely end up down at the frog pond, which is remote and quiet. I think I will take some time to just be, and contemplate the cat-tail reeds which are heading for their winter sleep right now, turning a mellow brown-gold against the scrub pine and muskeg grass.

I will pray for those lost. And I will pray for those left behind.


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  1. November 28, 2008 at 9:33 am

    […] like this screenshot very much for two reasons. One because it has Bellepheron in it and the other because I managed to take my oomkin alt to a progression raid and get my chubby […]

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