So my officers and I have created our Lich King Think Tank. Heads are being put together, brains are storming and thoughts and plans and predictions are being tossed about in a manner that may even be bandying.

We want to be prepared. We want to make sure that our transition to levelling again and raiding again will be as smooth as possible. We have plans – big plans – in place and I’m feeling very good about them.

Burning Crusade to me was the guild killer. Pre-BC I was in an roleplaying raiding guild, and I was really focusing on getting my raid healing skills up to par and working on my character. I was just healer #427 to the raid leader, and happily anonymous. I had no real responsibilites beyond not letting my healing target die and I certainly wasn’t privy to any of the planning that the officers did to get the guild through the expansion. And whatever their plans were, they were not enough. The guild crumbled just like damn near every other enormous raiding guild. I don’t think that anyone on our server anticipated what a change a 10 man raid would be to guilds used to raiding MC and Naxx.

This time around, it’s my guild and my plans. We’re wiping the slate clean, with everyone’s EPGP standing being reset and we’re removing our Dedicated Raider title from everyone who has earned it. Everyone will be starting fresh and I’m hoping that it encourages those who felt that they were stuck in their rut to give their raid performance or their guild involvement or even just their take on the game a new approach.

We’ve set ourselves a date -Feb 5th – to do our first raid at 80 and all of my officers and myself have set a leveling schedule that we can stick to. The leaders of this guild will be the vanguard, heading the charge for the whole guild as we battle our way to 80. We also have a schedule set up for percentages of what we consider our core membership to be at a certain level on a certain date, and the officers and I will be putting an absolute heroic amount of effort into making sure that everyone is levelling up at a decent rate. And as a team.

I’ve been very impressed with my officers over the past week. Everyone has been so excited, so positive and so hopeful for the new expansion. It’s an uplifting thing for me to come home after work, dirty, smelly, weary and cynical and log on to a guild absolutely bubbling with optimism. It’s a stark contrast and it makes me realize that not even the mighty Shell Oil Company (my client) has the money to pay people to be happy. They could not even dream of buying the loyalty and the friendship that my officers and my guild have for each other and demonstrate every day.

This expansion will not kill this guild. It will forge us into something brighter, more beautiful than before.


  1. Larísa said,

    September 22, 2008 at 8:22 am

    Very inspiring post! Sounds great to put up common goals for the guild. I hope we’ll do something like that as well. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  2. Yakra said,

    September 22, 2008 at 10:20 am

    I’m similarly optimistic about the expansion. Being able to maintain a consistent raid size (10 or 25) will be really helpful.

    I don’t think my guild will be setting up a set date for our first 25 man raids – I’m just counting on quick levelers to hit up the ten man version, which will hopefully keep them happy (and offer us some insight into the 25 man version?).

    My officers haven’t decided if we’re going to reduce all of our “Core” ranked members to the normal “Raider” status. On one hand, we’ll have no good criteria to base it off of as we level (lending to it being frozen in place, or wiped) – but on the other hand, I don’t want to make those that have earned it feel disrespected.

    Your post was certainly some good food for thought – thanks !

  3. November 20, 2008 at 10:42 am

    […] talked before about how Burning Crusade was the Guild Killer and how our officers were working as hard as we […]

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