I fight like a girl.

So, I’m a girl. A really real girl with an adorable matching set of X chromosomes and everything.

If you’ve been reading along with me for a while, you’ll know that I am also a scientist. I’m actually a scientist twice over, holding degrees in Zoology and Geology. While I was in school, I paid for important things like heat in my house and booze (and less important things like books and my bus pass) by working as a butcher in a local grocery store. All told, I’m pretty much at home in an environment where the sex ratio is against me. Even here at the mine, by boss is a male, more than half of my co-workers are male and the entire drilling crew I’m looking after is, of course, all male.

It was certainly not a shock to me when I started playing MMOs that most of the people I met were also male. My first friend was a male and so were most of the folks in the first guild I joined. Most. But not all. Very slowly I came to realize that there were more female players out there than I had anticipated. It wasn’t long at all before I ran into my first female Guild Leader. There were even guilds that were only women, and some of them were doing quite well!

Over at Blog Azeroth a poll was posted that asked bloggers what sex they were. The poll was created because it was suggested by Phaelia that because women are more contemplative, we blog more, and while the percentage of male players might be higher, the percentage of male bloggers is likely lower. At the time of writing this, the poll was 53% male and 46% female, out of a response from 41 people.

What I would like to suggest here is that the poll is not only representative of Warcraft bloggers, but of Warcraft itself. There are loads more women out there than you think! I called up my guild roster and did a count. We’re around 90 players, with almost a third of them being women. And when you think that myself, my co-leader, one of my officers and at least three of my core raiders are female, there seems to be a myth in need of busting. There is even a running joke in our guild about it. When it seems like there is a lot of girls on, or especially when Adi (my partner in crime) and I get a little girly, someone will say “there are no girls on the internet” which is a cue for all the female voices to chime in “oh no, nope, no girls on the internet.” And giggle, of course.

Now this is not a Grrrrl Power sort of post. There are several other blogs that I can think of that deal more specifically with being a female gamer than I ever could. But what I think is that women are doing quite well in the online gaming world. There are more of us out there than even we suspect, and I think that when be band together, we bring something unique to the gaming community. I know that if my guild was run by two men, or even myself and another man, it wouldn’t have the same feeling it does with Adi and I at the helm.

That being said, we’re certainly not girl-y girls who want everyone to love each other and hold hands and look at the pretty ponies. I’m well known as being both the loveable drunk and the vicious, angry, 50 dkp minus style raid leader, when needs be. But what I think is that Adi and I automatically get a little more respect, a little bit of old fashioned chivalry from our male raiders and that puts us a little bit ahead of the game compared to men who are guild leaders. Folks have left our guild and then come back, saying that the wide world out there is a lot different than it was safe at home with Adi and Ori. I know that I’ve had more than a few folks tell us that there is no guild quite like ours, and I believe it!

A very special thanks to J!nx for the title of this post.



  1. krizzlybear said,

    September 24, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    pfft. plenty of girls in the blogosphere. the novelty should have wore off to most people. i’m actually more intrigued by your science major!

    we could use more academia in the blogosphere! i look forward to continue reading your posts in the future.

  2. Auzara said,

    September 25, 2008 at 10:12 am

    “So, I’m a girl. A really real girl with an adorable matching set of X chromosomes and everything.”

    This made the entire post for me. I’ve come to embrace my femininity as a lens that colors my view of the world. So while Chick GM I may be, it’s more of a clarification of my perceptions than a topic I often specifically address in my posts. Though I did have my I am woman hear me roar post here if you are interested.

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