OOoOOooo shiny!

So, Blog Azeroth always gets me thinking with their shared topics. This week Pixelated Executioner gave an open invitation to talk about how your profession could be improved. So, here’s is my kick at the crafting cat.

My hunter is a herbalist/miner, so other than having herbs and ore leap out of the ground and snuggle themselves down in her bags (neatly stacked, of course) while her and Sinner hang out in Shattrath looking awesome, or playing fetch with the whelpling, there is not a lot of improvements I could suggest.

My priest became a tailor to craft the Mooncloth set, but beyond that she’s never developed it. What’s she’s really into is Jewelcrafting. Making shiny things and making her shiny friends even shinier!

Jewelcrafting would be better if:

  • Socketing items gave it a sparkle or a glow like enchanting. How come enchants get all the glitz? I’d like to see my socketed shoulders sparkle and flash. Also, socketed items should get a ‘tinkle’ sound to them. Like how plate and mail jingles, but different, to show that the item is really dripping in jewels.
  • you could create a mount. I’m thinking a gilded carriage sort of thing. A giant Faberge egg on wheels.
  • you could gem your existing mount. Purely cosmetic, of course. Unless there was a sort of gemmed reins speed enhancement item. I’m wanting to let people make their mounts look more sparkly and unique.
  • there was a passive ability called ‘Diamond in the Rough’ that would give jewelcrafters an added chance to loot gems from kills. Like the heroic boss gems, just from any boss with the type/cut of gem dependant on the type of creature slain.
  • there was something – anything – more interesting to do with all that leftover dust from prospecting. It annoys me that one type of dust is useful and the rest are just vendor junk. It smacks to me of unfinished business on Blizzard’s part
  • All is fair in love and Warcraft, but what about the ‘real world’? I know my profession (Geology) could use some enhancing!

    Geology would be better if:

  • it were more entertaining. Other than a song by Corb Lund and a one-line gag from Family Guy, there’s not a lot in pop culture about geology. When I had to come up with a theme song for a site I was working on, the best I could come up with was “Elevation” by U2, because they rhymed the title with ‘excavation’ a few times.
  • it were more impressive. Doctors can discover cures for nasty diseases by running impressive looking experiments in sleek, futuristic looking labs. Physicists can discover new particles by charging their particle colliders and smashing atoms together at incredible speeds. Geologists can discover exactly how much silt is in a rock by licking it.
  • it were sexier. Think George Clooney in ER. Think Marg Helgenberger in CSI:Vegas. Think Indiana Jones in my pants … err…. well, you get my drift. Find me a sexy geologist! (other than me, natch.)

    Though my initial thought about having resources leap out of the ground of their own voilition would apply to geology too …

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    1. Cynra said,

      September 26, 2008 at 1:54 pm

      Diamond in the Rough sounds nifty. I heard rumors that they’re allowing tailors to have an increased chance to find cloth on mobs, so it would make sense for something like that to be applicable to jewelcrafters!

      And the Indiana Jones comment made me giggle! I’ve had a crush on Harrison Ford since I was, wow, eight or so. As a result, I found it more than just a bit humorous!

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