“Order of Fries”

So, my guild is known as Impossibilium.

As with a great many guilds, there is an interesting story behind the name, full of mystery, excitement, laughs, tears and more than our share of frustration. It all started several months after Burning Crusade had come out. Sempiterna was the name of the guild I was running at the time, and we were doing just dandy in Kara, but were having some issues getting enough folks to do Gruul and Mag, so we found ourselves in a guild alliance with the guild Blazed. They were really great people, we all got along just swinmmingly and at the urgings of my raid leader, we decided to unite under one banner.

Both guilds put posts on their forums and we asked for submissions for names for the shiny new guild. Then the leaders and the officers from each guild got together and we discussed the top 5 picks from each set of players, and we narrowed it down to 5 between us. That took, oh, about three hours.

Another three hours later, we had argued and debated and contemplated and had a little snack and finally settled on the name ‘Pantheon’. It was nice, it was strong and it lead itself to some really fun guild rank titles. Enter my raid leader. After an entire evening’s worth of debate, during which he barely spoke a word, just as I was heading to the guild offices in Stormwind to formally create our new guild, he refuses to wear the tag . Flat out refuses, threatens to quit for good if we go with it.


So, we debate some more. A great majority of us were leaning towards the one-word name, so in an act of sheer desperation, I start scrolling through my ipod and calling out one-word song titles over vent. Impossibilium was the only one that didn’t have folks actively shouting “oh god, NO!” Plus the fact that it was pushing midnight for most of the people involved, and we were just plain tired and almost apathetic. So, Impossibilium we became.

(The fact that said raid leader server transferred a week – a week! – after we merged still galls me to this day.)

Now, I didn’t love the name. I don’t even love the song. But it came to grow on me. We have two very clever mottos now. One (usually shouted/posted/spammed/sung etc) when we down a new boss is “Accomplishing 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast.” The other one, which I will usually say to new recruits, is “Welcome to the Madness.” We even have our own theme song!


“Impossibilium’s the greatest raid guild in the world!
All other raid guilds are run by little girls!”

…well, that’s all we’ve written so far. But it’s pretty good! Very martial…

Anyhow, what I like best about ‘impossibilium’ is that it doesn’t mean anything, so we are free to make it mean whatever we want it to. Even our guild tabard is two indistinct little squiggly things, instead of some blazing icon. We’re not locked into being associated with any particular part of the Warcraft lore. We’re our own guild, we do things our own way and we cherish our uniqueness.

My post today was inspired by this post which is from a Warhammer blog. I know next to nothing about Warhammer, but one thing I do know is that their universe has some changes coming to it as well. With Lich King coming, I know that there will be some restructuring of guilds. I have a suspicion that on my server, where guilds rise and fall as regularily as the tides, there will be an awful lots of new guilds to deal with the new 10-or-25-man-take-your-pick style of raiding.

I wonder what the new guilds will bring to the server? I wonder if new guilds will encourage people to transfer to Thorium Brotherhood and I wonder how many times I will have to endure looking at a forest of lame guild tags like “Clan of the Blood Phoenix” and “No UR mom”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love clever guild names like ‘Practice Makes Purples’ and ‘Blood Bath and Beyond’ and I fell out of my chair laughing the first time I saw ‘RPness is HUGE’. I hold a fondness in my heart for alliterative ones like ‘Booty Bay Boogie Boarders.’ What I don’t want to see is yet another tauren guild with a cow pun name, or puns on ‘naga’ and ‘(w)horde.’ It’s been done. To death. Please try again.

This is an open invitation to them to think hard about their guild titles. Bring some colour to your server! Be creative! Think about the culture of your server, think about the members you are trying to attract and think about what you want to accomplish in the new expansion.

Also, think about me, who pushed really hard to have my new guild named ‘and his orchestra’. Sometimes I wish Imposs was much less of a democracy …


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