Those about to consecrate, I salute you!

So, I got my little paladin to 60 yesterday and about damn time! I can safely say that leveling the dorfadin has been the least fun thing I’ve done to date in Warcraft.

I don’t know much about the paladin class and they were one of my biggest headaches when I was raid leading. I didn’t know who had what buff and what they all did and why for the love of all that is holy it took my gaggle of raiding paladins 15 minutes to sort out their buffs. So I rolled one in the hopes of learning a bit more about paladannery.

I leveled my adorable chubby little dwarf from 1-45 as Holy, because my main raiding paladin said it would be easy. Well, it wasn’t exactly hard, mind you, but it was very, very, very slow. Slower than slow. So at 45 I re-geared her, and changed her to Retribution, to learn a bit more about that spec. That went a little faster, but I had almost no mana pool, poor survivability and spend a small fortune on repairs and mana drink. And close to a good hour per level just bubbling and running when I bit off more than I could chew. Which was often. So at 59 I re-geared her again and switched to Protection.

Hoo boy.

I’ve never tanked before. Never ever and I had only the vaguest idea of what our long-suffering meat shields did up there at the bosses toes while I watched their green bars bounce up and down. I did an absolutely excruciating 5 hour long pick-up-group regular Ramparts run and by then end of it I was ready to strangle someone. Anyone. Starting with the aggro monkey rogue and the “loltrap” hunter that were in my PuG. The run went spectacularly poorly and was an exercise in frustration for all concerned. I did, however learn quite a bit about tanking in general and paladin tanking in specific. And every now and then, these rare fleeting moments would occur, when the pull went right and the cc worked and I got enough aggro and the moon was in the seventh house and lo! I was enjoying tanking!

My guild has been so generous helping me with this little paladin. They have sent me gear, advice, taken me to instances to help me power out a few levels when I got so bored I wanted to cry. They have (as they always are) been so very supportive of me. What I would like to do is stand up and salute them and all our raiding paladins and all paladins everywhere. I would rather eat lightbulbs than ever, ever have to level another one, and I have nothing but respect for everyone who has mastered such a difficult class.

And now I’m going to go farm herbs to relieve the boredom!

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