Does Not Play Well With Others.

So, I’ve taken up dual-boxing. A guildie of mine has been doing it for quite some time and I’ve always vaguely disapproved of it, feeling that it violated the spirit of the law, if not the letter.

Two things have changed, though. One, I have it on good authority that it is indeed not against the ToS (which is nice – no one likes to be banned), and the benefits of the recruit-a-friend program finally hit home. Oh, and I needed some high level Horde toons, post haste. (The lure of the zhevra mount didn’t hurt either)

I bought myself a second account, upgraded it to Burning Crusade and away I went. I created an adorable troll shaman and a blood elf paladin. I’m playing the shaman because it’s a class I don’t know very well and I’m trying to learn and because paladins are boring. My plan here is to level the “shamadin” as I call them to 60, then use the gift levels to level a druid I have as well. That will give me three hybrid classes at 60, an easy push to 70 and then I can be whatever I need. Pally tank, rawr tank, tree healer, shammy healer …lots of variety! Though I must say that I’m leveling my shammy as elemental and boy, oh boy is that a load of fun. Like boomkin only with REAL LIGHTNING!

This situation is ideal for me. I get all the benefits of duo-ing and none of the drawbacks. Cause I have to admit, I bloody well loathe having to level with someone else. It’s the most annoying thing in the world for me. I can never seem to keep exactly the same amount of enthusiasm for a toon as my leveling buddy. Either I go crazy and out-level them or I get distracted my something shiny and forget about the toon alltogether. And of course my guild. My guild comes first and if I’m needed on my main I drop everything and switch. It’s sometimes hard to explain that to people.

I also hate grouping (PuGs are a whole different level of hate). I hate seeing someone clearing and area I’m in or obviously doing the same quest I am and them wanting to group. No! Go away! If I wanted your help I would have asked for it! This may seem odd to the casual reader, but those of you who know me better would likely shake their heads and sigh, saying, “Well, that’s not shocking seeing as you’re so patholgically anti-social it’s a wonder you’re not biting strangers on the street.” But that’s not the whole story. I don’t like playing with random people very much, because if I’m leveling, I’m usually trying to learn. I need to go at my own pace, I need to learn how to use the class properly and I need to enjoy it. Sometimes I just want to take my time and savour the quest text, sometimes I want to pound out quests as fast as I can, and sometimes I want to farm, or hunt rare spawns …or just whatever.

Raiding of course is a different story. First, when I raid it’s with a group of folks I know and trust and second, we’re all working together for a common goal. Grouping and duo-ing seems too much to me like people working together for their own ends, and I dislike that.

In the end, the added expense of a second account (which I only intend to keep for three months) is dwarfed (no pun!) by the benefits I’m getting from dual boxing. The triple xp is absolute insanity, I cannot believe how fast I am rocketing up the levels. I’m not doing anything fancy like using programs to make one toon cast X spell when the other casts Y spell, I’m just running one Warcraft on my lappy and one on my desktop. I’m actually learning quite a bit about the shaman class, and all in all, I’m having huge amounts of fun.

And that, in my not-always-so-humble opinion, is really what matters.


  1. Gaming Diva said,

    October 10, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    A few in my guild have friends who have joined and yes the leveling is amazing. Too bad I don’t have any buddies in the real world that want to join however I have been thinking of putting a link on a few of my websites.

    In WOW I mainly solo I’ve found a lot about my class by doing that however with my priest I do a combination solo is strictly questing but now I try to get at least one instance each time I’m on and yes PUG’s can be painful. I still need to rant about one of the PUG’s I was in. 😉

  2. mavfin said,

    October 28, 2008 at 1:33 am

    As far as soloing, I understand where you’re coming from. About my only concession to grouping is that I’ll suggest a group to someone in the same area that I would obviously have to compete with for a tag on a named quest mob or something. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy to do it myself.

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