So, today is the day!

The Patch comes down today! I took the weekend off from my guild, getting my Horde on and doing the family thing for Canadian Thanksgiving. It was nice and relaxing, the shamadin is at 46 now, so I’m optimistic I can get one of my hordies up to 70 before Lich King starts. I also did this so that I had three solid days away from both my priest and my hunter. Three days to do some mindless (but fun!) level grinding with another faction on another server. It was a nicely meditative background for me to think more about how I’m going to re-spec my two mains.

My priest was the more simple concept, but more difficult to execute. She is a healer, always will be, and I wanted to spec her to be the best healer possible. I’ve been trawling the forums and keeping half an eye on Elitist Jerks for some time now, and the spec that I cam up with for her at 70 seems like it will do well. I’m not enthusiastic about the Serendipity talent, but I may end up having to spec into it to deal with some of my CoH overheal. Incredibly excited about the Guardian Spirit, though. I loved my “heal bitches” in Kara, and this is something I will be using lots, if only for the sheer giggle-inducing fun I will have with it. I’m not happy to be losing all the talents I had in the Discipline tree. I know I will be getting some of them back at 80, but losing the improved Fortitude is terrifying.

The hunter was a little more difficult. She needs to really pound out the dps, and I’ve fussed and tuned her spec and gear to be just about right as she stands now. On the other hand, when I saw the exotic beast taming ability on Petopia some time ago, I had to do a few laps around the room squealing. For me, hunters are all about the pets, and I have wanted a devilsaur since the first time I laid eyes on one. I actually made a photoshopped screenshot of one following me around like a proper pet would. Blizzard has heard my prayers and now one of my hunter fantasies is coming true! I’m also a huge fan of the chicken pets. It was the first type of pet I tamed and every hunter I have has had one at one time or other. I’ve had the gorgeous blue rare spawn since I could tame her. It’s nice to know that such an endearing but much-maligned pet is getting quite a handy little PvP talent. I like to think that my hunter spec for 70 will still allow her to do damn good raid dps, as well as allowing me to experience more of the yummy, fun new things the Beast Mastery tree has to offer.

I’ve deliberately kept away from places like Big Red Kitty and Elitist Jerks this weekend. I wanted to make my own specs, with my own knowledge of the two classes and give them both a try until likely the weekend. Then I will head out along the series of tubes and see what other opinions are out there. I was not in beta or the PTR and so this will be a whole new world for me tonight.

I’m very glad to be at work today, because I couldn’t stand being at home, waiting, watching, praying for that patch to come down and the realms to open up. It’s election day here in the Great White North, and I have to stop off at the voting station on my way home, which is another deliciously painful way to prolong the anticipation.

I’m not sure I’m going to make it …


  1. Pike said,

    October 14, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    Glad to hear you like my site! =D Although I must confess, I have never even been to Canada. =( I hope you still ❤ me though! I’ll definitely be readin’ ya.

  2. oriniwen said,

    October 15, 2008 at 9:55 am

    Hrm, must have misread your info 🙂 I thought you were from Vulcan, Alberta, I was very excited!

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