The Honeymoon

So, is it a telling sign that the very first thing I did when the patch finally came down was re-spec the hunter?

And the very second thing I did was re-re-spec the hunter when I found out I had misspent one of my talent points. Actually, that may be the third thing. I think technically the second thing was curse. A lot. After pissing about flying back and forth to Darnassus to respec, I headed to Un’goro to get myself a devilsaur. Devilsaurs are one of my warcraft fantasies and I was happier than a pig in mud to finally, finally get one! I trotted all over Un’goro, passing several hunters, some of them luckier than me. I finally spotted one, got his attention, trapped him, started the taming process and held my breath as that bar slowly, slowly went down.

And then an orc hunter came and killed the creature, millimetres before the cast bar was complete.

Now, I am aware that any creature is fair game, and there is no such thing as “my” mob, but to me that is borderline griefing. I *did* report him, in my frustration. Not that it will do any good, but it made me feel a bit better. And I don’t mind saying here that if anyone plays horde side on Thorium Brotherhood, you can tell Swagman he’s an asshat. With love. From Ori.

Happily it didn’t take me long to find another spawn and successfully tame him. I’ve called him Hob, and I love him! The stompstompstompstomp is delightful and I really was loving the attention he was getting while I hung out in Ironforge. My only complaint is that they move so wrong. This is actually a common complaint of mine (Blizz! I’m talking about kodos here!) and it’s something that niggles at my attention from time to time. I can generally ignore it but dammit it’s my tyrannosaur! And I’d like to think I know a few things about how they’re supposed to move! (For the record, I did my undergraduate thesis on the biomechanics of some of T-Rex’s smaller cousins.) How can they move so naturally, so gracefully, so biomechanically correct when they’re fighting and thud about like goose-stepping elephants when they’re just doing some plain walking!? Blizzard has some ‘splaining to do.

And that was all I had time for the first night. I stayed up waaaay past my bedtime and seriously contemplated calling in sick so I could stay home and fiddle with all the new stuff. And enjoy stomping around with my tyrannosaur! (Devilsaur. Whatever.) With a heavy heart I trudged off to work and I just barely made it through the day.

Then last night we did a ZA run. We missed the timed event by a heart-breaking 40 seconds, and one-shotted Hexx Lord and Zul’jin, which made me very happy. Raiding with Hob the devilsaur made me even happier. His animations were delightful, I’m particularily fond of the snout-bash that he does. The 40 second raid buff was nice, but we didn’t have a lot of melee that run so I think the effect was mostly wasted. And monstrous bite is very nice. I’ve been out of practice and I had my shot weaving pretty off, due to a lack of mods (grrrr) and a lack of practice. I managed to weigh in with about 600 dps, which is pretty pitiful in my mind.

The last thing I did before I logged off was head to Azuremyst Isle and tame The Kurken. I gave him a different spec than the devilsaur, I’m going to hope that I can find a shot timer mod that’s working tonight and we’re going to head back into ZA. I’m looking to get much, much closer to 800dps, and hopefully the pet and some more attention on my part will accomplish that.

If not, I’m going to have to re-re-respec and say goodbye to my lovely tyrannosaur. *sniffle*

Edit: I wrote this before I saw the Blog Azeroth shared topic post by the always entertaining Pixelated Executioner. Since I’m getting hits from riding on his coattails, I figured I’d give the guy some link-love back. ❤

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