So, it’s finally here! With all the other goings-on in the wide and wonderful World of Warcraft, I haven’t had a whole tonne of time to sit down and gather my thoughts about the Hallow’s End celebrations. I actualy didn’t even realize we were so bloody close to Hallowe’en until I went to get a pumpkin yesterday and realized that the pickins were very slim indeed. Don’t worry, I got some nice ones!

As I have stated before I absolutely live for Hallowe’en and when I heard that you could get a Hallows’ End-related title I was all over that, Scarlet Crusade-style. I killed the Headless Horseman, I donned my pumpkin hat and strolled around with my cutely sinster pumpkin pokemon pet, I fell under the influence of G.N.E.R.D rage and I pwned some Hordies, I cleaned up the mess in Southshore, disrupted the deplorable practices of the Wickerman Festival and I trick-or-treated. Oh my goodness did I trick-or-treat!

I downloaded the absolutely addictive Bejeweled addon because I knew I’d be flying all over creation to get candy from everyone. It served its purpose in keeping me entertained while I flew, but now I have a whole new problem. I can’t stop playing Bejeweled! I used to get up and let the dog out or wash a few dishes or grab a drink or alt-tab and surf the net if I had to go on a long or even moderately so flight. Now I hear that deep, commanding voice exclaim “GO!” and I can’t help myself! I am compelled by forces unknowable to sit, glued to my screen and frantically match glistening, seductively spinning, brightly coloured gems. I absolutely can’t stop! I should uninstall it but ….

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand! I managed to complete all of the required Hallow’s End quests save for the mask collection. I was furtively logging on once and hour from work to trick-or-treat and managed to get only the male tauren mask. I could have jumped for joy when I saw the blue post that said there will be a 3.0.3 patch coming down (perhaps even tomorrow!) that will remove that requirement from the title. I havn’t managed to achieve any of the other titles on my priest, and I feel that while the seasonal one doesn’t match her character overly much, it does match mine, and that will do for now.

I’m contemplating going for all the seasonal titles, and the mount reward at the end. I’ve also been thinking that it might be good character development for Maegwen. She’s shy and bookish and mousy by nature, but puts on a good face for the sake of the guild. Maybe this will be what she needs to spend a year participating in things, if for no other reason than to set a good example for her guild. Maybe she might find out she’s even enjoyed it a little. I think she’s growing more social and more aware of the people around her every day.

And here at home Hallowe’en is going full speed ahead. Decorations are up, yard is tidied and ready for the influx of sugar-high kidlings. Pumpkins have been acquired and I am working hard at my frost wyrmling design. Last year I was an Oktoberfest brewmaiden, and the year before that I was O-ren Ishii, complete with a Crazy 88, so this year continues the historical theme with a gypsy wench costume. I’d have liked to have gone as a troll shaman, but with one thing and another I didn’t have the time I’d like to put into a costume. I will likely do something a little more Warcraft-themed next year. I’ll post pictures of some of the in and out of game shenanigans once I figure out what has happened to my screenshot folder.

In the meantime, I’m going to go participate in some of the Hallowe’en fun on Facebook, and try to dodge the horrible trick that working in the office is. Though I suppose it’s not quite as foul as rotten eggs thrown at your house.

Hallowe'en 2007

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