All Hallow’s Eve

This is the thin time, when the beloved dead draw near. The world turns inward, and the chilling air grows thick with dreams and mystery. Now is the time when we reenter the womb of the world, dreaming the dreams of snow and silence. Waking to the shock of frozen lakes under waning moonlight and the cold sun burning low and blue in the branches of the ice-cased trees, returning from our brief and necessary labors to food and story, to the warmth of firelight in the dark.


I don’t have much to talk about today, being completely consumed with the activities of getting ready for this evening and its visitors. I figured I’d move away from the Great Wall of Text format I usually favour and instead post a few pictures of All Hallow’s Eve, here in Canada, and in Azeroth. All of the pictures will link to larger versions.

“Can I keep Him?”

Can I Keep Him?

Original design done by me. This is Frosty the whelpling that will be available as a bonus pet with the special Collector’s Edition of Wrath of the Lich King. I’m a huge fan of all the whelplings, and I’m really excited about receiving my very own little Frosty!

“Keep Awa From De Voodoo”

Keep Awa From De Voodo

Original design by me. A troll warrior in honour of my better half who has played a troll warrior since the day he bought the game, and is in love with all things troll-ish.

“I Tank With My Face”

I Tank With My Face

Original design by me. This a night elf feral druid, doing what they do best. Tanking with their faces. This one was done in honour of all our feral tanks (we have loads!) and most especially for Werf, who has had to move to Europe and is now in such a different time zone, the guild is barely able to see him on anymore.

“Old School”

Old School

A bit of a throwback to my older gaming. I wanted something that fit with the theme but was not necessarily Warcraft, as well as one that I knew would be nice and easy to carve. This is not my own design, but was bought from Zombie Pumpkins

This one is Maegwen in the graveyard of the Scarlet Monastary. I like the way that the pumpkin heads look when viewed from below. Very menacing. I also love the juxtaposition of the Holy priest and the Undead holiday. Very out of character for Maegwen, but I think she’s putting a good face on (no pun intended) and enjoying the revelry for the sake of the guild.


I really enjoy pumpkins, as a symbol of Hallowe’en and just for themselves. I think they’re really cute. I was absolutely over the moon with the Sinister Squashling last year, and knowing that this year there was a chance I could have my very own pumpkin soldiers, I was determined to get them! I managed to get the sword to drop rather easily, and let Oriniwen proudly wear it at her hip. The glow made a nice statement, too. Here Oriniwen readies her army to fight some of the restless dead in the shattered lands of Hellfire Peninsula.



1 Comment

  1. Aleathea said,

    November 3, 2008 at 7:42 am

    Those designs are lovely! You have a quite a talent, thank you for sharing.

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