Balance, Without the Feathers.

So, how’s this for a kick in the pants?

I have been living and working in a tar sands mine since April. I have been home for less than 7 days out of every month since then and when I am up at the mine working, its 12 hours a day, everyday. In a open pit mine. There went my summer. And some of my Fall. I did it because it needed to be done and because I wanted to earn some political clout with my company. I also did it because every hour I worked (44 extra hours per week) went into my nest egg of banked overtime, or Time In Lieu (TIL). Which meant when I returned from my tarry exile I would have a joyful little bundle of days off that I could use for things like extra-long weekends and trips to Ireland.

Now I know you’re thinking “Wow, Ori, that sound fantastic! I’d love to have a little extra holiday time stashed away!” Or maybe all you heard was “Ireland” and now you’re just thinking “mmmmm …beer.” But I just got a letter in my email that says that the time I have cannot be carried over into the next year and must be used by Dec 31st. Still not seeming like a problem? Bust out a calendar. No go do it, I’ll wait. Now take a good look at it. I have 300 hours of banked overtime. And on top of that, 60 hours of paid vacation. That’s 9 weeks! Does that calendar have 9 weeks left on it? Does it!? I didn’t think so. And I can’t even just take the time and be like “Catch y’all in January” because I actually have work to do.

And the real pisser, the real slap in the face is any time that I can’t use between now and when Auld Lang Syne starts playing on the CBC will be paid out. At regular time. And taxed.


I’m pretty annoyed and it’s really affecting my quality of work. I’m finding myself spending more time lurking on forums, sending SuperPokes to my sisters on Facebook and blogging. And staring off into space. Lots of space. That’s full of stars ….

But I digress. I’ve finally decided that I’m going to stick it to The Man and just take as much of the time as I can. Every Friday off? Check! Three weeks off in December to deal with Stressmas? Check! A week off in November to revel in the delights of the new expansion? Check!

I have honestly booked holiday time so that I can play a video game. Is that the absolute pinnacle of nerd-dom or what? I got laughed at a bit when I told some of my guildies that I’m doing this, but one or two brave souls agreed with me and said they were taking some time off for Wrath as well. I mean, I’d be taking the time off even if I didn’t have eleventy bajillion hours I needed to use, but it feels so deliciously sinful to do something as frivolous as book holidays for the sheer pleasure of plonking my ass down in front of the computer for as many hours as I can handle.

I’m so crazy excited about Wrath and I want to be able to stay up until sunrise on Nov 14th just soaking it all in that I’m taking the whole damn week off. The officers and I are already planning a Vent party the night it comes out, so that we can all be online and on Vent talking and laughing and exploring and discovering with some of the people who matter most in our lives.

I’m nervous here because I have ordered a Collector’s Edition online, as well as ordered a regular version from the store. I’m planning on going at midnight to pick upmy regular edition, because I’m worried that the CE won’t come in time. When I bought my CE for Burning Crusade, I was able to install it over the regular edition, and get my code for the regular edition refunded. I certainly hope that I can do that again this time, because I want to be able to get in on all the fun times in WotLK as soon as I possibly can (which will likely mean loading the regular edition) but I hate wasting money. So we shall see.

Though I must admit that I’m curious as to what other folks are planning on doing on release day. Who is going to go pick it up at midnight? Who is going to wait a few days and pick it up at the store once the lunacy has subsided? What do other guilds have planned for The Big Night? Lemme know!



  1. gevlon said,

    November 3, 2008 at 11:10 am

    There is nothing wrong with using holiday time to do what makes YOU feel good. There is nothing sinful in that. That’s your life, you spend it the way you want to.

    And “Stressmas”, that’s my new favorite word. However my way of handling it is directly the opposite of mine. I make sure I don’t have a single minute of holiday left in December, strike that, I even sign up for volunteer to “hold the front” while everyone else are out at holiday. It gives me 3 benefits:
    * I’m almost all alone at the factory, nothing else to do than blogging, “foruming” or go “crazy scientist” in the lab
    * and I get double pay for this
    * and I can tell to the friends/relatives to the don’t-like-but-must-have Stressmas meetings: “sorry I can’t go, the evil company don’t let me”

  2. Herc said,

    November 3, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    I would take the time off if I had the hours … I just landed this job back in June. I doubt I’ll be at the midnight release. I’ll prolly pick it up at lunch time the next day. Oh how I wish to spend a week just playing my favorite game, exploring new zones, dungeon crawling and getting gank by allies.

  3. Aleathea said,

    November 3, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    I’ll be picking up my copy at midnight. I have already secured time off from work November 14th and 15th and have informed my RL friends and family that I’ll be “out of town” that weekend. I am turning off my phone and looking forward to four days of pure uninterrupted WoW time.

    Having a midnight vent party for the guildies is a fantastic idea! I think I’ll schedule that. Thanks!

  4. mavfin said,

    November 3, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    I work Sun-WEd 6PM-4:30 AM. LK release is on a Thursday. I’m taking 5 hours off, leaving at 11 PM on Wed night, and buying my copy at midnight if I can, sleeping if I can’t, and getting it first thing in the morning.

    Only costs me 5 hours of paid time off, so it’s awesome for me!

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