Stick it to The Man!

So, we’re giving power to the people.

Before Wrath hit, the officers and I sat down and decided on when we would start raiding again. We looked at the people we had, and the kind of players they were and what sort of play schedule they could manage while still being part of their real lives and figured that it was going to take most of them a month to get to 80. Which puts us into the middle of December. We also realized that Dec. 20th – Jan. 5th would be a complete write-off due to holidays. We then figured it would take folks close to another month to get heroics on the go and get badge gear and generally be ready to raid. Some would do it much, much faster than that, and some would be a little slower, but we had set the end of January as the time when we’d start raiding again.

This has been a problem for us.

The officers and I knew ahead of time that there were several folks who were going to try for the realm firsts and that there were folks who have a lot of time on their hands and would be able to level very quickly. We knew that there were also some who had school and work and families and the like and would be much slower. We forsaw the dichotomy this would produce and the tension that would result. And boy, were we right.

We have around 10 members now who are level 80, though only one healer. Most of them are tanks and a smattering of dps. This is not a good mix for us to raid with and anyhow and the bulk of our guild is hovering around the 75 mark, or even less so if we did start raiding now, there would be a lot of very upset people who felt they were being left behind.

But we have some very upset level 80 players right now, too.

So, on the reccomendation of one of our members, we decided to give the choice of when to raid to the guild. The end of January date that the officers set was done in order to accomodate as many people as we could, but it has begun to feel like a barrier rather than a goal. Instead of imposing this from above, we’ve decided to start raiding when enough players are ready.

However, we’ve defined ‘enough’ and ‘ready’ for them.

We will raid with two teams in Naxx, so that means we need:
4-6 tanks
6-8 healers
10-15 dps
allowing for substitutions and folks who can’t raid every night of the week.

We’re not going to step into Naxx in lolgreens and a few instance blues. We decided at the outset that Naxx was not going to be the 9-month-long wipe fest that Kara was. We will be geared and ready and we will go through there cleanly and efficiently. Initially we had vaugely said that folks needed “some blues and the right enchants” which wasn’t really stellar leadership on our part. So, we’re defining ready as having the Superior achievement. This gives our members a very specific goal to focus on and also gives a very specific method for those who are already 80 to help those who are not.

The other thing we are doing is giving folks a bit of leniency. If you have the badges to spend and purchase one of your T7 pieces, you are allowed to be short of the achievement by one slot. If you purchase both T7 pieces with your badges, you may be short of the achievement by two slots.

We will be rolling this plan out to the guild either today or tomorrow and I am really very optimistic that it will help ease a lot of the tensions. There have been two blow-ups on vent already over the differences in leveling speeds and the frustrations that it causes. (I admit it, one of them was me. I never said I was a great Guild Leader, I just said I try. It’s not the first time I’ve told someone to “fuck right off” and I’m sadly convinced it won’t be the last.) We’re really hopeful that by putting the choice into the hands of our membership that they will feel they have freedom and control.

I still think we won’t be raiding until the end of January, but at least folks will realize that was their choice and not our imposition.


  1. Herc said,

    December 1, 2008 at 10:37 am

    Honestly no need to overgear for Naxx =) It’s more friendly for an entry raiding dungeon than kara was.

    Your system is almost like our Gear Score system. Everyone starts out with 10 points

    If you don’t have the best item on a slot pre naxx(heroic blues or emblems loots). thats minus .5 per slot

    If you don’t have the min/max gem for your class and you can’t even activate your meta gem. That’s minus .25 per slot

    No enchant? that’s minus .25 per slot.

    You can only raid/receive loot if you have a minimum of 8 points. This makes handing out invites a little bit easier.

    Regarding your lvl 80 members already.

    Is it ok for them to pug some Naxx? If the guild isn’t doing any raids yet then it is ok for them to be savd to a 10/25man Naxx. That’s how some peeps in my server are doing it with guilds having less than 10 people they just pug the rest.

  2. Gevlon said,

    December 2, 2008 at 2:40 am

    Why don’t you craft your gear? From about 1000-1500G you can get really nice ilvl 200 items. I’m not even 80 but I have 6 ilvl200 epics waiting in the bank, including a 490 SP caster mace.

  3. Esdras said,

    December 2, 2008 at 4:45 am

    I need to power level to 80 now as my guild away to start6 raiding and i really dont want to be left behind.

  4. oriniwen said,

    December 2, 2008 at 9:20 am

    @ Herc: Your system does sound very similiar. We try not to punish people using our point-reward system though. If they’re not properly gemmed and enchanted, they are just not allowed to raid.

    We talked about letting our members PuG Naxx raids but it seems like the detriments outweight the benefits. While each player who PuGed some Naxx might get some gear, the officers and I decided it was likely not in the best interests of the guild at large.

    I know that Naxx is much easier than Kara but if there’s one thiing I learned is that if you tell the guild something is easy, all they hear is “lol slack off.” And I don’t want to encourage that. If we’re slightly overgeared, then it gives the slower levellers timeto catch up and it makes Naxx a real walk in the park for us. That’s the plan anyhow.

    @ Gevlon: Crafting is always a good idea. I know more than a few people who have been crafting gear for themselves and the guild. I’m pretty sure that for the achievement it doesn’t matter where your gear comes from, as long as it meets the rating. So yay for crafting!

    @ Esdras: You’ve got lots of time to get into raiding, but only one go-around to enjoy your questing. There’s lots of fun quests out there! Enjoy every facet of the game, the raid will always be there.

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