Elder Maegwen

So, I’m working on the Lunar Festival Achievement. My goal is to do all the holiday achievements on Maegwen and get her the What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been achievement and the associated proto-drake. I’ve decided in a sort of after-the-fact way to make this a series as I work through all of them. I’ve done the Hallows Eve and Winter Veil ones as well, I’ll do a little write-up about those in a bit.

Honouring One’s Elder’s
Azeroth’s Lunar Festival is based on the celebration of Chinese New Year. There are a great many homologies between the two, and Blizzard glommed onto the idea of a lunar new year, giving us players a druid-based holiday. Which is great for me! I love them druids! The inclusion of the Taunka in the Lunar Festival this year is nice too, speaking to druid and tauren lore, as well as the ‘ancestor’ facet of the celebration. Here in the real world, we’ve put some paper lanterns up in the lab, and are eating too many chocolates, but we’ve been asked to leave the fireworks at home. *sigh*

Kalimdor and Eastern Kindgoms Elders
The main body of achievements here has to do with finding, talking to and obtaining a coin from the various elders scattered across the Warcraft world. Except Outlands. I don’t get that. Other than the fact it took me eleventy bajillion years to just do the “old world” stuff, and adding Outlands elders would have just made it that much worse, why are there no elders in Outlands? I mean, a lore-based reason for it. Did none go through the Dark Portal with the rest of the adventurers?

Regardless, the best way to get all of the old world elders is to take a peek at the wiki and simply follow this guide. Or this one, if you’re a Hordie. Like the Hallows End trick-or-treating achievement, this is all about flying all over hell and creation and getting numb-bum. Bring a book, put on some good tunes, start a controversial conversation over vent or download Bejeweled again. Took me about 6 hours to do them all, but I didn’t follow the guide exactly and got lost. Twice.

And, for the record, could the Azshara elder be any more inaccesable?! I don’t even want to hear that guy complain about how no one comes over to watch old reruns of Mack Diver with him or listen to him talk about how he once discovered Un’Goro Crater. Hardest one to find, period. Orgrimar was easier and there was a warlock there with a nasty sense of humor who feared me a dozen times over as I attempted to approach the elder. Oh and another bellyache: dying near a capital city and rezing at some godforsaken graveyard half the map away is not cool. I can understand it might stave off a zerg attack on the city, but man alive it’s frustrating. Though, I did Levitate off the side of Thunder Bluff once I was done, so I think that got me some serious cool points.

Flotsam and Jetsam
The rest of the quests are really just odds ‘n sods of things. I know that there really isn’t much to the Lunar Festival all told, but I think compared to Hallows End or the upcoming Love is in the Air event, they could have picked some better achievements than just “talk to all the elders.” There’s nothing really punny like the Bros Before Ho Ho Ho’s from Winter Veil and the PvP element is really lame. Not that I’m huge into PvP or any such thing, but at least the G.N.E.R.D Rage achievement had a fun side to it. ATTACK OF THE GNOOOOOOMES!


For the laughably easy The Rocket’s Red Glare and Frenzied Firecracker, head to the capital city of your choice (I chose Stormwind. Dance, human!), buy the requisite amount of incendaries and spam them till you get the achievement. Sadly easy. If you’ve followed all the guide, you should have more than enough coins to buy something pretty to wear and get the Festival Finery clothes. Mae looks adorable in her teal pant-suit by the way. Though I wish it was possible to get the matching boots the NPCs wear. If you’re already standing in a major city after blowing up all the sod and/or paving stones with your fireworks, then do the “The Lunar Festival” quest (available from a different NPC in each major city. Look for the guy standing near the light) which gives you a nice little scroll you can use to teleport from any major city to Moonglade.

A Bad Omen
Head to Moonglade via the scroll, or the druid spell or even the flight path. And as an aside, once you’re there, don’t forget there is a non-druid flight path available. It’s off to the west, near the lake, but it’s there. Now kill Omen. Or don’t. If you have the quest, then you can just head on over to where he is and lurk until someone else kills him and step into his little light that he spawns. Don’t worry, it won’t muck with anyone else getting the quest credit if you stand in the light from another group. If you want to go about it the old fashioned way I’d suggest a group of 20+ level 80 players. He’s been buffed since we last saw him (what is in that silt at the bottom of the lake, anyhow?) and has loads more health. Summon him by tossing a million bajillion Cluster Rockets into the launchers near the Barrow Dens. Once he’s up, it’s a simple tank and spank really, just don’t stand in his little starfall AoE. You can also purchase an Elune’s Candle with 88 charges, which does a little bit of damage to him and prevents him from casting starfall. Because I was only 74 at the time, he resisted or I missed absolutely every spell I cast, so I just spammed my little candle rocket launcher.

Northward, Ho!
To complete Elders of Northrend, you need to be level 77 or have a couple of pals willing to fly to places and summon your lowbie ass. There is another nice guide on the wiki that will give you the most expedient order to grab all the coins in Northrend, including the dungeons ones. And of course to complete the Elders of the Dungeons you need to be 80. Maybe it’s just because I’m not 80 yet with Maegwen but I think putting one of the elders in a heroic dungeon was pretty poor on Blizzard’s part. The previous two holidays worth of achievements were do-able without being at max level and I thought tossing in that little kicker was pretty cheap. So, in between working and raiding and farming raid consumeables and learning my new hunter spec and getting my gear up to par on the hunter, I’m pushing Maegwen to 80 as fast as my button mashing fingers can mash buttons. It’s a pain, it’s stressful and I’m annoyed the whole way at being forced to level like this, seeing as there is a limited amount of time the Lunar Festival is up and running. I know it’s actually a pretty generous amount of time, and I know I’m going to get a hundred million “lol noob” responses because I can’t level from 73 to 80 in three weeks, but I have a job. And a guild to run. And raiding to do. And a main to keep up to snuff and somewhere in there I’d like to think I have a family and a partner who want me to spend time with them. It’s wearying. That being said, I do need to level the priest and I’ve been obstinately refusing to do so. Maybe this was the kick in the pants I needed.

*shifty eyes*

I’m still cranky at Blizz, though!

I’m still working on this achievement, and I’m hoping that I can hit 80 this weekend and then get someone to run with me to all those instances and grab all the elders I need. I’ve already gotten the one in Nexus with the help of a DK pal of mine, and I’m sure there are a few others that I could easily duo. And the real laugh is that there is no break between the Lunar Festival and Love is in the Air Event! In fact they overlap by one day! No rest for the wicked, I tell you.


  1. Larísa said,

    February 5, 2009 at 8:34 am

    I just had to get this title… Elder. That’s exactly what I am. The big pain to me was the visit-horde-capital-thing. I’ve never played horde and I was completely lost. One of the capitols cost me 1.5 hours of corpse runs, 40 gold or so in repairs… But finally I got it. Those elder people deciding to stand in the horde cities must have lost their minds…. Now I’m looking forward to a week of rest before I probably have to do the valentine-achivement thing. Those event acheivements have got me hooked, I never thought they would, but they actually have.

  2. Shieke said,

    February 6, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    I’ll do as many of them as I can with you, but Gundrak has to be done on heroic, because you have to go to Eck’s room to get it. If you can’t get to 80 before the festival ends, though, don’t worry–you’ll have to do a year’s worth of booze-testing anyway for the Brewmaster achievement. If you want help at all, let me know, I’ll be happy to run with ya through anything I can. =)

  3. Esdras said,

    February 9, 2009 at 2:10 am

    I think it makes people look like there Morman missioneries hahaha.

    I dont do achievements but may start in a few months as i just realised you get a mount from doing it all.

  4. oriniwen said,

    February 9, 2009 at 10:49 am

    @ Larisa: It’s an honourable title, to be sure. I was really “meh” about achievements all inall, but the holiday ones have really hooked me. I’m such a fan of the in-game holidays anyhow, the fact that I can change my title seasonally just tickles me. I love it!

    @ Shiekers: Thanks for the vote of confidence and the support 🙂 I know that I’ll be begging for help to get the last few dungeons done. Yes, you don’t have to do any byt Gun’drak on heroic, but at least the promise of heroics drags some folks out of the woodwork. And they removed (or will be removing) the Beer-for-a-year requirement from the Brewfest. or so I heard. Or think I heard.Or was it those fakey patch notes that Rius posted? I forget now …

    @ Esdras: The mount is certainly a nice incentive, but for me it was more about the titles. I dunno about the Mormon thing … it’s more like trick-or-treating to me, but then I love to turn everything into a Hallowe’en reference!

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