Do You Like This Colour On Me?

So, I’ve been thinking about giving myself a bit of a make over. I’m thinking about turning my blue elf ears in for something a little more … green. Not a faction change, not a racial reroll. I’m very happy where I am and I love my toons the way they are. What I’m thinking about aiming for is the Warcraft Econ Wall of Fame.

I pay attention to gold making (note: not gold farming) blogs and I follow their tips and use both a few addons and my own ingenuity to make enough money that I can raid, have some very nice craftable epics, epic flying for the toons I want it on and enough to raid comfortably. I enjoy the AH mini game that Blizzard has provided us. I’ve always enjoyed in-game money making, as a matter of fact. I’ve spent a lot of my time in the Zelda universe hacking away at random stands of grasses (hoo! ahh! hiya!) trying to fill my rupee wallet to the top to buy all those lovely goodies. (Yes, that’s farming. But there’s no AH in Hyrule.) I had some very nice little businesses going in the MMO I played before Warcraft. I always got a giggle out of setting up my little shop and selling off some epic staff for a hugenormous amount of cash.

I also run my guild bank. I keep track of what people donate to it, and I keep track of what sort of items are going out of it, and make sure that we have enough of the items that the guild needs to raid. (I could write at least two more blog posts talking about how and why we provide raid consumables to our raiders and every effect that has on our raid progression ranging from mollycoddling our raiders and making them lazy to providing items they would otherwise need time off of raiding to farm. A thought for another day!) I sell off items over time and I use various crafting tricks to transform less valuable items into more valuable ones. Interestingly enough, I personally have a little bit more money than our nearly 80-person guild does. So there is work to be done, at least for the Guild Vault.

The thing is, I don’t make the AH mini-game my focus. I sell off some stuff, keep my eye on a few markets and dabble here and speculate there. My focus is guild leading and raiding and every now and then I like to play the game and just have some simple fun, so I don’t give everything I have to obtaining the Goblin Achievement. I know quite well that I could max out my gold if I wanted it. I know I could max out the gold in the Guild Vault as well. (That poses an interesting question, by the way. Does the Guild Vault have a gold cap? Is it the same as the player gold cap? For the same reasons? Inquiring and non-technically-computer-savvy people want to know!)

I’m not going to change my gaming focus from raiding, but I am going to get myself a pair of nice long, green goblin ears to wear from time to time, and see if I can harvest the hard earned gold of the elemental grinders of the server. I don’t expect to see myself on the WoW Econ Wall of Fame anytime soon, but I’m definitely going to see how close I can get!

Plus, it’s one of the things I need to do win Warcraft!

Post Scriptum: WordPress hates me and didn’t publish any of my pre-scheduled posts this weekend. It was Turkey Day here in Canuckistan and I didn’t pay close attention to the blog. So to the three people who tune in for Caturday, I’m sorry. There will be twice as much kitteh this Caturday!



  1. Rhii said,

    October 13, 2009 at 10:15 am

    It’s a cool new ambition… one I’ll probably never go for. I like in-game gold. In fact, I’m kind of miserly with it, but I don’t have the kind of dedication it takes to play AH with any regularity.

    Good luck!

  2. Gevlon said,

    October 13, 2009 at 11:40 am

    Which profession(s) will you use?

    • Oriniwen said,

      October 13, 2009 at 12:17 pm

      I’m likely going to use JC/DE as well as conversions (i.e eternals to crystallized). I’ve looked into the glyph industry (following the lead of you and others) and it looks like it’s just not working properly on my server. I tried selling some popular healing glyphs for *half* of what was already on the AH and no bites. Maybe there’s just a *lot* of scribes on my server? Even the inks don’t sell very well. It’s easy to level, nice for min/maxing and takes out the nasty Hodir rep grind. I wonder if there is a mod that will scan the professions on a server …

      Or I’m just not clever enough to analyse the market properly. 😉 That’s always possible.

      • glithander said,

        October 15, 2009 at 10:09 am

        I’ve tried the AH game a few times, and always failed at it. I remember when Enchanting was the big thing – heck, even recently Koozie made LOTS of gold with enchanting – but somehow, everything I put up – mats, enchants, whatever – just don’t sell, even at half the price on the AH.

        But that’s true for most things I try to auction. It’s much less stressful (and saves on the broker fee) for me to just vendor most everything that drops.

        And using the Allakhazam price for a blue or purple BoE that drops? Has always failed me. Alla could list it at 3000g on the AH, I’ll put it up for 1500 and three weeks later, I’ll be giving it away to someone for 20g.


        Either TB’s economy is all screwed up, or likewise – I don’t know how to play the market.

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