About Maegwen

Game History
The story of Maegwen is a pretty simple one.

Guild Leader to Hunter #6254558: “We need more healers.”
Hunter to Guild Leader: “So go get some.”
GL to Hunter: “Yeah …. recruiting isn’t working. And we have a lot of hunters.”
Hunter to GL: ” … ”
GL to Hunter: “So, why don’t you just go ahead and roll a priest or something. We’ll help you power level it a bit.”
Hunter to Guild Leader’s back: “*grumble grumble*”

Maegwen is another Tolkien-inspired name with the same -wen feminine ending and “maeg” meaning sharp or piercing. This was originally the name of a warrior alt I rolled that never really went anywhere. For some reason it was the only thing I could think of so I tossed it down in the little name box on the character creation page after clicking “randomize” a few times to get some features. I didn’t really care that the hair was an odd colour or that it looked like she’d cut it herself, or that the name didn’t fit the character at all. I didn’t have very much enthusiasm for the toon and I never expected to play her for long.

I swear the universe runs on pure irony some days.

As more than a few people have found out, healing is a trap. (I should have called her Ackbar.) Once you’re mired in the flashy gold morass, you’re stuck there for eternity. Better hope you like it. Fortunately for me, I really do. I enjoy healing, I enjoy being the backbone of the group and I enjoy knowing that the liquid gold spells that flow from my hands literally mean the difference between life and death. It’s exhilarating to pull someone back from the brink of disater, it’s gratifying to know that the group runs smoothly because of your fast reflexes and self-sacrificing attitude and it feels pretty damn good to wear some of the best looking gear in the game.

Maegwen became my alt with the release of WotLK. She is still the official Guild Leader of Impossibilium, and is my second project in terms of leveling. I’m glad I took on the task of healing, and I really love it, but I’m glad for the respite from the responsibility of it some days.

Character Backstory
Maegwen is a scholar. She is the sterotypical Ivory Tower Intellectual, preferring to theorize and philosphise from beind the protective, towering wall of some musty, dusty bookshelf than to actually walk amongst the unwashed masses. She is confident and, truth be told, a little arrogant in her intellectual superiority, and more than a little bigoted towards humans and dwarfs of all stripes, paladins in particular. She sees most devotees of The Light as leaning too far towards fanatical at best, and consumed by outright zealotry at worst. She is typcally retiring, but certainly not shy. She is simply self-contained, prefering the company of her books and her own thoughts to those of almost any other. She is not an especially devout priest, but found in the priesthood the ascetic, scholastic lifestyle she preferrs.

Maegwen has a strong sense of duty. If a task needs to be done, no matter how distasteful, she will do it without complaint. She enjoys being helpful and mindful of the needs of those around her, but there is also a part of her that secretly revels in the martyrdom. She gets a happy little glow inside her when she sees people watching her perform acts of self-sacrifice and knows that they are admiring her for it.

This sense of duty lead her into the leadership of her guild. When the paladin Zetch retired from adventuring to spend more time with his family, there was a void left that no one wanted to fill. The guild was not flourishing and had an unhealthy atmosphere full of bickering and in-fighting. So it was exactly the sort of task that Maegwen wanted the guild and the world to see her taking on.

Surprisingly, she has fit quite well into the role of guild leader. Acting the martyr for so long had made her quite a good actor all the way around, allowing her to put on an unfamiliarly brave and outgoing face whenever she convinces herself it is “for the good of the guild.” She has also found in herself a fierce loyalty to the guild and its members, and that loyalty resonates in the officers of the guild, creating a stable leadership base.

Her relationships are all cordial, sometimes even warm, but always distant. She has a great deal of affection for and gratitude towards her second-in-command, Shanaria. She also feels jealousy and puzzlement towards the girl. Maegwen needs to act like she is a caring, concerned, involved leader, whereas the skills of leadership come naturally to Shanaria. Maegwen appreciates what Shan does for the guild, but is sometimes confused by how easy it is for her. She has also kept herself out of any romantic entanglements. While she is naturally disinclined to share her life with anyone, even a lover, she also feels it would be unseemly for her as guild leader to partner up with anyone within the guild, even casually. As for seeing someone outside of the guild, she feels that it would take her attention away from what is most important, and so she remains resolutely single. This is both a sign of her commitment to the guild and her penchant for self-flagellation.

With the expert advice of her officers andher more trusted members, Maegwen has managed to prepare the guild for the battle against Arthas. Her guild is ready, some of the completely foaming at the mouth with desire to get to Northrend and take their revenge upon the self-styled Lich King. Maegwen herself would like nothing better than to shed the ill-fitting clothes of leadership and public life, and to wall herself up with her thoughts in some private corner of the world.

But duty calls her to Northrend. And she has no choice but to follow.

Maegwen Cripplebranch

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