About My Guild

When I started WoW I drifted through several random levelling type guilds, never really finding a home. My server quickly seemed like a place I didn’t want to be, so a very dear friend of mine suggested we jump ship and try the brand-shiny-new RP server that had just opened. Now this was back in the old days before character transfers were available, so we both rerolled. I continued to drift, but he found an anchor point. He finally convinced me to join with the fateful words “you’ll love these guys, they’re all Canadians like you.”

And so I joined. And the rest is of course history.

But to go into slightly more detail, the guild was part of a larger gaming community that played games other than Warcraft. When we decided that we wanted to focus exclusively on WoW, we broke with the community, and reformed under a name that still to this day echoes in my heart with loyalty and friendship. It was a momentous day! However, our guild leader was at the time trying to finish up school and didn’t have as much time as he would have liked, so we eventually drifted. We each found our own niche in seperate styles of end-game raiding guilds and we went on our merry ways. We kept the fires of our friendships burning however, and once BC rolled out, we realized that our ties of loyalty were stronger to each other than to any other guild.

So, we reformed under our old name and pushed onward to 70! We had a new guild leader, a fledgling alliance with another like-minded guild and we were headed to Karazhan at full speed. However, when our guild leader decided he was going to get married to one of the officers, and grab himself a nice new job to support them, and he also found himself not only with no time to guild lead, but with no time for WoW, period. So, instead of disbanding the guild, he promoted me, and him and all the officers took off for other places. Some went Horde, some went PvP, some just went.

And so my battered, bleeding and dismembered guild consisted of two moonkins, two prot warriors, a smattering of rogues, a warlock and myself. I made some snap decisions, promoted one of the moonkins to raid leader, tossed one of the warriors in the role of main tank and set about recruiting any warm body that would let us foot a Kara run. We did some open MC runs on saturdays to get our name out on the server and scout out potential recruits. And we did Kara. A lot of Kara. And we wiped. A lot.

We grew and we progressed and I came to realize that our moonkin Raid Leader was not working out well. He took off, and so did his wife, our main tank. Things looked a little dire, and I called on an old friend to come and be my raid leader. I was working, and trying to finish school and didn’t know *jack* about doing anything but heal so I needed someone, badly. He put out the word to some of the old crew that the guild was up and going again and all of a sudden we were flush with old friends and new recruits. Our old alliance was reforged and we were blasting through into the end of Kara and had our sights firmly set on accomplishing some 25 man raids.

We had our ups and downs, as any guild would, and our raid leader decided that we werent progressing fast enough for his liking. I was proud of what we had accomplished with the sometimes very little resources we had and with keeping a tone and an atmosphere within the guild that is (as far as I know) completely unique to Warcraft, but he wanted more. So he server transferred and took along with him two of my very dearest friends. They left in a turmoil of harsh words and bad feelings, and it was a rocky day for all.

We had recently merged with our allied guild, and our sparkly new tabbard instilled a feeling of hope within us all. I was at the time unemployed, so I felt that I would of course have the time to do some raid leading now. I was thrust into the raid leading position much as I had been thrust into the guild leading spot and let me tell you, raid leading as a healer is one hell of a job. The guild leader of our allied guild was now co-guild leader with me and together we ran two Kara teams. And ran them. And ran them. My co-leader recruited and I stood behind folks with a whip and chair and we got to our first full Kara clear and oh my, what a magnificent day that was.

We pushed onward, recruiting and watching some of those recruits come and go. I have made a good many very dear friends since we became a merged guild, but I have also seen some stunning idiots come and go through my roster. I’d like to think that we have acquired a very good selection of the cream of our server.

I could continue detailing the ups and downs of our guild, but I’d prefer to focus on the ups. We took down Gruul. The Magtheridon. Then cleared ZA. We conqured Hydross, The Lurker Below. We wiped and wiped and wiped and wiped in Hyjal, but now Rage Winterchill is dead at our feet. As are Tidewalker and the newly buffed Void Reaver.

I’m not going to say that we are the most leet-ass guild on the server. I know that our progression level and speed is pretty much the low end of middle of the road, as far as the entire Warcraft community goes.  But I’d like to think that what we have means a great deal to the folks involved.  If I wanted to walk into a guild tomorrow and go and clear Sunwell, I quite likely could. But I could also do that on some random private server and it would have just about as much meaning.

Myself and the Warcraft friends I hold dear have built this guild from absolutely nothing to where we are today on the very real blood sweat and tears of us all. It has not been easy, its not always been fun, but out guild is *ours*. Totally, completely, exclusively and uniquely.

 I wouldnt trade any one of my /played hours in this guild and all its iterations for all the epics in the world.



Image created using Swag Dog and The GIMP.

Hey! Hey! Wanna join my guild! Drop me a line at my blogging email: ORINIWEN at LIVE dot COM or check out the Tho Bro Forums.

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