Blogs I Read

Here’s a list of the blogs I have in my reader as well as a few that I check in on from time to time. All of them are well worth looking into. I’m constantly surprised by the calibre, the creativity, the style and the skill of the members of the Warcraft blogging community. Got a blog you think I should check out? Post a comment!

As always, the best place to check out more Warcraft blogs than you can shake a stick at is WoW Blog Headlines.

World of SnarkCraft by the unbeatable team of Jov and Seri.

Secret Agent Cat by the ebullient Tigerfeets!

I Like Bubbles by Amber of the Flowcharts.

Critcal QQ by Euripedes the ranting mage.

Mortigern the Lock by Mortigern, the very trustworthy Undead Lock.

Lume the Mad by Lume, of course.

Aspect of the Hare by the one, the only Pike.

Greedy Goblin by the Supreme Goblin himself, Gevlon.

Pink Pigtail Inn by the wonderful Larisa.

Pixelated Executioner by the overachieveing PixEx.

Nourish! a fabulous group project by Anea, Cadistra, Chris Anthony (a.k.a EtherJammer), Pixelated Executioner and Syrana

Loregy Lore thoughts and incredible specualtions by Cocles.

Reflections From The Pond by the ever-thoughtful Tessy.

Warcraft Econ always has tips and tricks to net you even more gold.

Player Vs. Developer by Green Armadillo.

Don’t forget to check out Blog Azeroth for tips, hints, tricks, help and all sorts of wonderful new bloggers!

Blog Azeroth

Another fine resource is the Twisted Nether Wiki, with a blogroll longer than the ToC opening monologue.

TwistedNether Wiki


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