Do You Like This Colour On Me?

So, I’ve been thinking about giving myself a bit of a make over. I’m thinking about turning my blue elf ears in for something a little more … green. Not a faction change, not a racial reroll. I’m very happy where I am and I love my toons the way they are. What I’m thinking about aiming for is the Warcraft Econ Wall of Fame.

I pay attention to gold making (note: not gold farming) blogs and I follow their tips and use both a few addons and my own ingenuity to make enough money that I can raid, have some very nice craftable epics, epic flying for the toons I want it on and enough to raid comfortably. I enjoy the AH mini game that Blizzard has provided us. I’ve always enjoyed in-game money making, as a matter of fact. I’ve spent a lot of my time in the Zelda universe hacking away at random stands of grasses (hoo! ahh! hiya!) trying to fill my rupee wallet to the top to buy all those lovely goodies. (Yes, that’s farming. But there’s no AH in Hyrule.) I had some very nice little businesses going in the MMO I played before Warcraft. I always got a giggle out of setting up my little shop and selling off some epic staff for a hugenormous amount of cash.

I also run my guild bank. I keep track of what people donate to it, and I keep track of what sort of items are going out of it, and make sure that we have enough of the items that the guild needs to raid. (I could write at least two more blog posts talking about how and why we provide raid consumables to our raiders and every effect that has on our raid progression ranging from mollycoddling our raiders and making them lazy to providing items they would otherwise need time off of raiding to farm. A thought for another day!) I sell off items over time and I use various crafting tricks to transform less valuable items into more valuable ones. Interestingly enough, I personally have a little bit more money than our nearly 80-person guild does. So there is work to be done, at least for the Guild Vault.

The thing is, I don’t make the AH mini-game my focus. I sell off some stuff, keep my eye on a few markets and dabble here and speculate there. My focus is guild leading and raiding and every now and then I like to play the game and just have some simple fun, so I don’t give everything I have to obtaining the Goblin Achievement. I know quite well that I could max out my gold if I wanted it. I know I could max out the gold in the Guild Vault as well. (That poses an interesting question, by the way. Does the Guild Vault have a gold cap? Is it the same as the player gold cap? For the same reasons? Inquiring and non-technically-computer-savvy people want to know!)

I’m not going to change my gaming focus from raiding, but I am going to get myself a pair of nice long, green goblin ears to wear from time to time, and see if I can harvest the hard earned gold of the elemental grinders of the server. I don’t expect to see myself on the WoW Econ Wall of Fame anytime soon, but I’m definitely going to see how close I can get!

Plus, it’s one of the things I need to do win Warcraft!

Post Scriptum: WordPress hates me and didn’t publish any of my pre-scheduled posts this weekend. It was Turkey Day here in Canuckistan and I didn’t pay close attention to the blog. So to the three people who tune in for Caturday, I’m sorry. There will be twice as much kitteh this Caturday!


Caturday September 26


This is the third of my cats, Calais. She’s Barlow’s big sister and boy does she let him know it! Seen here as a kitten in the window, checking out the squirrel tree in our backyard. God, that’s a filthy window!

Caturday September 19


This is Mika. When we first got him, we called him Mika Kittensoft. But now that he’s grown, he’s Mika Cattinen. The unholy mess you see surrounding this new kitten is me putting all the Christmas decorations away.

His momma was a barn cat and his daddy was a stud Siamese who got out of the house one night … half DSH, half Siamese and all noise. That’s our Meekers.

Mika was a gift – not something I’d reccommend to anyone, btw. Animals make very very bad surprise gifts. The shelters are full enough.

Friday I’m In Love

growing_heartI love Warcraft a whole lot. (I should think that that would be obvious by now tee hee.) But there are actually other things out there that I love too! Really there are – and there are other things that I make time in my life for (not always the easiest thing – curse you raid schedule! – but I do try). One of the things that I love that is not Warcraft is the PopCap game Plants vs. Zombies.

I’ve been a fan of PopCap since way way way back in my younger days (I can conclusively date my Bejeweled addiction to early Fall, 2001. At least.) I like a lot of their games and I like that you can play them online for free. Fun! Diverting! Why write this biochem paper when I can match animals against the clock? When I was away earlier this summer (Field Season 3: The Search for Scotch) I had no internet connection on site and loads and loads of free time. So when I was back in my hotel room I downloaded the demo versions of all of my favourite PopCap games. And then this new one that sounded like it might be ok.

It was way, way more than ok.

I think I played the 60 minute trial at least four times the first day (I figured out how to re set the settings on my computer so the game would think it was a new trial.) When I got to the hotel that night, I willingly (eagerly!) shelled out the $20 for the full version and it was fabulous!

The little plants are just too damn cute! The gravemuncher “om nom nom” sounds and animations had me totally giggling out loud. And the corn-apults and watermelon-apults were such an unexpected delight. The zombies were hysterically funny and the game play clever and intuitive. It’s pretty much a tower defense game but the way it is packaged is a singularily unique joy. I love the mini games (I’m a big fan of Zombotany and the one where you play as a zombie and nom cardboard plants). The in-game alamanac that has descriptions/biographies of all the plants and zombies is really clever and witty (with only one concern – what the hell is with the vast, vast majority of all the plants and zombies being male?) The little Zen Garden mini game you can acess after playing through the game once is pretty cool too because it lets you collect all the plants – awesome!

I used this site for some good advice (yes, I hacked my game to give me lots of money. *shifty eyes*). GameFAQs has a few other good resources, to. There’s also a PvZ wiki! Otherwise it’s pretty straightforward and addiciting gameplay. One piece of advice: using garlics to channel the assault into the middle three rows is a pretty solid strategy.

Two last things about PvZ – 1) Check the music video out here. So catchy! 2) PopCap has my undying gratitude for their way of dealing with this shit (which disgusts me on several levels – as a gamer, an internet surfer, a female, a human being with more than two functioning brain cells.)

I love Plants vs. Zombies. And I’m not the only one!

Post Scriptum: I have heard that the makers of the crappy game linked above (I’m not providing them with any extra advertising. All my links go to sites that are criticising their shittacular ad campaing) are associated with gold spammers/farmers/sellers. I can’t find the link atm, but I metion it just in case you needed an additional reason to not give them your clicks, links or money.

Post Post Scriptum: Tomorrow is (yay!) Talk Like A Pirate Day! (In addition to Caturday) There is even an in game event, so don’t miss out! Arrr, ye salty gopher!

Caturday September 12


This is Barlow. He loves him some boxes. I put the label on after he’d spent most of a Sunday lounging in the box from my new boots. (That’s me hand-writing on the box, not a photochop, btw)

Friday I’m In Love

starry_heartSo, I loves me some Warcraft. I love Warcraft with the heat of a thousand suns. I really, really love it. But! There are things that are not Warcaft that I also really, really love. In an effort to provide a little more of that work/life balance that I jabber on about all the time, and to share some of the things that someone (like me) who loves WoW a whole heap also loves with some of you folks that love WoW loads ‘n loads, too. Here is the first installment in my (hopefully!) weekly series – Friday I’m In Love. Subtitled: Set Your Phasers to “Squee”.

Folks, I love (rebooted) Battlestar Galactica. I don’t think it’s possible to accurately describe how much I love this TV show. (Not loved. Yes, I know it’s over but MY LOVE WILL NOT DIE.) I used to want to be an astronaut very, very badly when I was younger and I remember so vividly the night that I was driving home and staring up at the stars and I realized that Star Trek wasn’t real. It was a pretty crushing realization and I remember shedding actual tears in my disappointment. I was highly unlikey to ever go into space – and even if I did it would not be as I had imaged it. So I love Space Operas. Mmmm … living vicariously.

I did a lot of performing arts when I was younger too. It was a hard decision to make – but there came a day when I had to decide whether I was going to pursue acting or science. I ended up chosing science for various reasons, but it was a close call. So, I’m pretty critical when I watch TV or movies. (I’m also really critical when I read, but that’s because I worship the written word like the Ancient Egyptians did. Well, almost.) I loathe poor acting, I won’t abide shitty scriptwriting and I’m highly picky about what movies I donate my $12 to. They also have to pass my pretty strict standards in terms of social justice. (I had a tense conversation with a co-worker about Bruno. Don’t go there.) So, the finishing point of all this rambling is that I’m very, very picky. I’m hard to impress. I’m even harder to woo.

BSG did some serious wooing.

After being badgered by my better half to (Please? Pleeeeeease? C’mon, please? Once? Just once? Today? Now? How about now? Is now good?) watch the miniseries I broke down on one of our raiding off weeks and watched it. I was fucking entranced. It was like three hours of scotch and catnip. It was amazing. Beyond amazing. Fabulous acting, (omg, Edward James Olmos, omg Katee Sackhoff, omg James Callis O.M.G. Mary McDonnell) delicious dialogue, superb characterization, epic storylines and very very little of the (dreary and common) scifi waffle. So many Canadian actors! All so very very good. (Why are they not on more Canadian TV shows? Why do they not have better roles on Canadian TV? CBC YOU OWE ME AN EXPLANATION!) Fabulous. Fablulous!

There were some limping episodes (hissssss Michael Angeli) later on in the series and I’ll say up front that I felt that the final episode was not enough of a crowning glory to such an amazing show. But I suggest you check out this post from Sady Doyle, a Lady Blogger who I also love with an epic love, and these recaps (Be warned: they are by three seperate authors. The first is quite good, the second very good and then there’s Jacob. Oh my dear sweet and gentle Jesus, thank you for sending the literary world Jacob. Amen.) over at TV Without Pity. (Honestly, some of the recaps were more moving than the damn series. It’s like BSG is a Russian Doll and each nested figure contains even more scotch and catnip. The more I see about BSG, the more I find to love.)

I love Battlestar Galactica.


Post Scriptum: If you’re not doing anything tomorrow, check out the first in my series of Caturday posts! (Seriously. I have them already written and scheduled until well into November. Which says a. that even if I stop blogging – again! – there will still be posts and b. I have a LOT of pictures of my cats.)