Sometimes I Feel the Weight of the World

So, let’s talk about gardening. (No, not that garden.*) Let’s talk about the Noblegarden!

I can generally deal with work stresses. I can generally deal with guild stresses. I can generally deal with home life stresses. It’s those rare days when all three facets of my life have their stresses intersect that I sometimes crumble under the weight. Last Thursday was one of those days. I was trying to do one of the Argent Tournament quests, and I just kept failing at it, and I was trying to do it fast so I could get some dinner before raid and I was stressed about our raid attendance and progression and I had a spectacularily shitty day at work and had come home to the house being a mess and failing at that fucking quest for the fourth time in a row was absolutely the very last shock my system could handle and I just lost it.

Complete. Nuclear. Meltdown.

I took some quiet time over the weekend, and spent some time having a very heartfelt and beneficial talk with my better half. I indulged myself, spoiled myself a little bit and generally shunned the outside world. I’m happy to say that while I did buy myself a bottle of my very favourite alcoholic beverage I did not pound it all back in an effort to numb myself and/or calm myself enough to sleep. Where I come from, that’s progress.

By Sunday mid-morning I was feeling brave enough to try to face the WoW world again. I wasn’t going to, I really didn’t want to come online and face my raid leader and have to explain to him why I had run away from two raids and generally not been around for almost four straight days. He was, however, remarkably understanding and supportive. I was timid about approaching the guild again, but instead of judgement and dismissal, I felt like I had been taken in, given a comfy blanket and a cup of tea and settled onto the couch with a kitten in my lap. It was exactly what I need, and so was Noblegarden.

I found a nice camping spot in Dolanaar.

There were lots and lots of spots, lots and lots of people camping and a remarkable absence of general asshattery. I turned into a bunny! And then I laid an egg!

And some more eggs!

My goodness it feels good to be an adorable, pink, fluffy, candy egg-laying bunny!

The moonwell is a singularily relaxing place to be.

Amazingly enough, there were a lot of egg hunters online, and we shared some guild luck.

I sat there at that moonwell all damn day – almost 8 hours of simple, quite, zen-like spawn camping. Except the spawn was brightly coloured eggs and I didn’t have to kill it. I just got chocolate. (My chocolate craving was so incredible by the end of it that my better half went out in search of Cadbury Creme Eggs for both of us. There were none to be had, but he did bring me back a delicious, delicious Mars bar!) I got two pretty new dresses, a pet for my hunter (67/75 for Lil’ Game Hunter) and Polymorph: Bunny Wabbit for my mage. I also got the title “the Noble” for Maegwen and another notch in her holiday meta achievement belt.

I spent some time on vent later on that night talking to my guild leader who also had a throughly craptacular weekend. As we commiserated and consoled each other, I realized that as much stress as WoW brings into my life, it can also be an antidote to all of the wearying things in my life. I’m soothed and contented by Noblegarden – its aims (chocolate!), it’s colours (pink, blue, yellow) and it’s mascots (fluffy bunnies!).

It was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Blizzard.

*Sorry I had to get a Sarah Haskins link into a post and now. I have the hugest girl-crush on her, she’s awesome!


I Lost on Jeopardy

So, it looks like I was wrong.

When I got up this morning, I was able to log into my bank alt and play a little World of MakingMoneyCraft while I had my breakfast. While I’m a little relieved that the patch didn’t come today, I think I’m more disappointed.

I was really looking forward to Noblegarden!

I was also hoping that a new patch, and the new dungeon might be able to counter some of the apathy in the guild lately. It’s not exclusively my problem, it seems to be something going on in several guilds, but that doesn’t make it any more worrysome. We’re regularily running Naxx and OS with less than 25 people, and that number is shrinking every week. I was counting on the patch coming down the pipes today and injecting a little bit of freshness and excitement into raiding again.

I guess that gives me another week to farm up some more artic furs and also a bit of freedom to enjoy my Easter long weekend, but it also gives me another week to watch my guild slowly sag under the atmosphere of boredom.

Patch 3.1, you’d better be something pretty spectacular!

I’ll Take Patch Day For 100, Alex.

So, it’s seems to be the season for betting. NHL playoffs are upon us and the prophesy (and the money) is running freely around my home and work. (I’m laying my pride and my paycheck on the line to bet heavily on my town’s club taking the cup, but I suspect it’s more likely to be Jersey or [ugh] San Jose.)

Timesee Forsees

Short post today, but I’m betting that 3.1 comes down the pipes tomorrow. Just in time for Noblegarden. That’s my bet, any takers? What would that mean to you all if it did? Everyone ready for Ulduar? Got your crafting materials stocked up to make some good money off of patch day? Been reading PTR boss strats? Hoping to revitalize your guild with some new raid content?

Or am I completely wrong and 3.1 won’t be coming for a few more weeks? Lemme know! (And I’d love to hear your picks for the Stanley Cup finals, too!)