A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine

So, I like to drink quite a bit. I like to grab some friends and family and head down to my local and eat their delicious, delicious greasy food and drink beer and scotch until it comes out my ears. That is a fabulous time in my opinion. However, when we do such things, we usually take it in turn to decide who will be the responsible person for the evening – and it’s not so much fun when it’s me.

It’s not that I miss drinking, it’s that I hate having to shepherd and corral and manage 17 people who behave for all the world like small children. It’s wearying. It has its moments – seeing someone miss their mouth entirely and splot their drink in the centre of their shirts is (usually) well worth the hassle of spending the night herding people who are working on a three minute, closed-loop memory. (Where am I? How did I get here? Whose pineapple is this?)

The converse, however is pretty entertaining, too. Having one drunk person in a crowd of sober people can be quite a lot of fun. Well, for the sober people, I guess. I know that I sure enjoy teasing and laughing at (in a friendly way, of course) those people I know who are brave (or foolish) enough to come drunk to a sober gathering.

After I logged off on Saturday night (and well into the wee hours of Sunday morning) a guildie of mine (one of our tanks – a drunk tank! punny!) came home from a birthday party absolutely shittered – and decided the best thing to do was to get onto vent. While I am so very grateful that he made the decision to display his drunk ass for our entertainment, I’m even more indebted to the kind and clever soul who decided to record the vent conversation.

And post it on the forums.

Mondays being what they are, I was surly and miserable when I finllally oozed into the office. After I did all my normal Monday start up things, I checked the guild forums and decided to download the file. It was 58 minutes of absolute bliss. I laughed loud enough that a few people poked their heads into my cubicle to see just what the heck was going on. I was tempted to link the recordings here, but I don’t know how entertaining they’d be to people who don’t know the guild or recognize the voices. You’ll just have to trust me that listening to an absolutely plastered man with the Bostonian accent howling “heroic throw, heroooooic throoooowwwww” like an abandonded wolf pup is pretty much the bestest thing evar. It was exactly what I needed first thing in the morning. It’s exactly what I need a lot of the time.

I know this may make me sound like Nerdly McNerderson, Mayor For Life of Nerdtown, Nerdvania, but I was actually mopey when the recording was over. For a little while there, it was like being at home, online, (virtually) surrounded by my friends. A couple of times while I was listening, my fingers twitched a little, unconsciously typing /g in preparation to reply to something I heard. It wasn’t just that my guildies were having fun laughing at our very very drunk warrior tank (they made a drinking game out of his drunken ramblings. If he says “what planet am I on?” – everybody drinks! If he says “I’m soooo hammahhed” – everybody drinks!) but that they were together and having fun. I love that so, so much about my guild. I love the way that I feel like a part of a community – a family almost (OMG someone call the cliche police!)

For all they drive me bugnutz insane sometimes, I really do love my guild. Actually, I think that’s why they have the power to make me so crazy – and to cut me so deeply. I care for them so much, and that means that I leave myself very vulnerable to being hurt by their indifference or their scorn.

Drak, Sora, Undi, Chiclet, Jett, Ama, Thunder and everyone who was online – I enjoyed your company on Monday morning. Impossibilium – I quite honestly and truly love you guys.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

So, this is how my Wednesday went down.

The Good: I did my Brewfest dailies on my priest, got 351 beer tickets, and got my achievement! Look!

The screen is fuzzy because it's Brewfest

The screen is fuzzy because it's Brewfest

Loooooook! So pretty! My Flying Purple People Eater!

Do I eat only purple people?

Do I eat only purple people?

The Bad: Word got around that there was going to be an Onyxia raid. So our 25 signups dwindled to 19 (mysterious!) plus two late people. So 17. Enough to do a 10 man, though! If one of our late people (a healer) had shown up, we very likely have been able to do two ten mans. But, it was not to be. I gave a stern lecture to everyone on the importance of signing up up for raids (novel idea!) and expressed how disappointed I was in the people who declined over the last 24 hours. (Except for the one guy who had a good excuse – he got a new job today! Yay for gainful employment!) and then stemmed the flood of QQ.

Now look, I know that there is going to be QQ no matter what happens. I know that I could magically give everyone GM powers and let them loose on the world and there would still be QQ. (Whaaaatt? I have to type in .kill to take down Arthas??? But that’s tooooo haaaaarrrrd.) But Christ on a candlestick people – don’t complain at *me* when the signups dwindle. Complain at the selfish bastards who decide that if the raid isn’t going to be something they’re crazy excited about or need anything from that they don’t care enough to go anyhow. And also: STFU about the fact that when we post raids, we just say “25 man raid” and not specify where we’re going until right before raid. You know why we do that? This is why. This is also not my fault and I respectfully direct your attention to the “Not A Team Player” section of the guild.

Anyhow. One ten man raid. We have an earnable rank in our guild, based on people who go above and beyond what is expected of “typical” raiders. One of the perks of this rank is that if there are limited raid spots, they go to these people first. I do not have this rank, because there is a pretty strict attendance requirement and I havn’t managed to quite make it yet. So, I got to sit on the sidelines for our very first (New! Improved! Now with more whelps!) Onyxia raid. It made me pretty bummed, but hey I guess them’s the breaks. I make the rules, I have to live by them, too. No matter how much my squeeing Ony fangirl heart longed to be in there, pew pewing, and handling the many whelps.

The Ugly: Look, the other night (Monday, maybe?) I had talked to our late healer. He said he was going to be late. I asked him to send me and/or our Raid Leader an in game mail about it, because I was unlikely to remember five minutes from now that he was going to be late. Let alone two days. He gave me some guff about it (but, but, but I doan waaaaaannnnnnnnaaa) and I reminded him it was actually part of our policy, could he do it please? He got pouty about it, and huffed off, but I assumed that he had done it. He evidently had not because I didn’t have a mail last night and neither did our Raid Leader. And I – of course – had forgotten that he had mentioned it.

Half an hour into our raid time, our late healer comes onto vent and in an insolent, sassy-bitch tone says, “Oh, Ori, I’m sure you noticed I didn’t send you an in game mail about me being late tonight like you asked. I’m *soooooooooo* sorry,” and then brightly, “Well, arewe doing anything tonight?”

First: You know what? I didn’t much like your pushing the boundaries and your “tee hee I am so disobedient and naughty” attitude when you first came into this guild. My liking for it has not increased with exposure.


Third: That there is the final straw.

To the guild: I’m sure you all saw me spend the night in the officer channel on vent where only officers could come talk to me. And I’m sure there are people amongst you who thought I was ‘off sulking’ and honestly, if you want to think that, that’s fine. The reality is that I didn’t feel like being in your company. I was embarassed at my reaction to our healer’s jerky attitude on top of the QQ about raids and the lack of concern for my feelings about the Onyxia run. I didn’t want you all to hear that in my voice. I also didn’t want to listen to you guys try to re-learn the Ony fight. I didn’t want to be a part of you last night.

I didn’t feel like you wanted me to be a part of you.

Post Scriptum: Titled “Insult to Injury or Here Is Some Salt For Your Wounds.” The computer ate this post and I had to re-write it. Prolly a good thing as there was a lot more “fuck” involved the first time.