Oh, Not This Again

So, the lure of the wild has called. The call of the wild has lured. I am heading back into the frontiers and wilderness to experience this physical, natural science we call geology in all it’s glory. Oh, and there will be potash.

I won’t be gone long, (Field Season 3.5 The Search for OH GOD THIS CAMP IS DRY OH SWEET JESUS WHYYYY????) but I don’t know exactly what kind of time and internets connectivity I’m going to have. There is likely to be some blogular whining about how I can’t play Warcraft and how much I miss my guild and how my attempts to reach the gold cap are falling behind.

I will miss the Good Ship Imposs. I will try and stay connected via out forums, and hopefully someone will take the time to say “hey” every now and then. I will miss the blog communities that I have become a tangential part of. I will miss my my home and my cats and my better half.

On the plus side, I now have both coveralls and a winter coat with my name stitched on them. 8 years of University have finally paid off!!


Throw Your Hands Up and … SHOUT!

So, I like these type of shout-out posts. I know the one that the very sweet Larisa of the Pink Pigtail Inn did one for me and some others a month or so ago not only did that make me feel incredibly warm and appreciated, but increased my readership, which is nice for the writer’s ego. For the most part I write for myself, but it feels so very, very good to be recognized and applauded.

I know that I do not have the readership that Larisa does, and I certainly don’t have the clout in the WoW blogsphere that she and some other writers do, but I think it’s worthwhile talking about some of my favourite blogs. For no other reason than just saying that I bloody well love them and tossing some virtual warm fuzzies around. I hope that it increases their readership, too, because I feel that they have important things to say, and I want more of the WoW community to hear these things. Remember, I firmly believe we blog because we’re good players! And part of being a great player is to seek out new opinions and new points of view. (I refrained from taking this oblique Star Trek reference too far. You may thank me now.)

RPness is HUGE.

Thous art most welcome, brethernI am not a very good role player. Part of it is because my character development skills are just this side of abysmal and most of my attempts come out as pathetic Mary Sue-isms. Partially because raiding and guild leading take so much of my time and attention as it is, that I don’t have a lot of energy for role play. And, because despite being nominally a role-playing server, Thorium Brotherhood is anything but friendly to those who want to make actualy attempts at immersion. However, one thing I admire is someone who takes what they do very seriously, and makes every attempt to do it well. And when that honest, earnest attempt is candy-coated in some of the most delicious prose out there, well, the end result is the marvelous Blogatelle. The writing is superb, the writers have presented themselves as human beings worth listening to, and the name of the blog itself is superbly punny. It’s a fantastic blog, and if you care at all about RP (or even if you don’t!) you really should check them out.

Hello Kitty Orange Adventures

duhn da dunna dunna, duhn da dunna dunnaI do not have a druid fetish! I mean, not in any sort of sexual way. I just love druids. They’re the reason I started playing WoW and they are bar none my favourite class. I love bear tanks! I love kitty cats! I love cuddly oomkins! And boy do I love sleepy trees. Druids are just plain fantastic in every way that counts. And tauren are pretty cute, too. And I like to read druid blogs. For some reason there seems to be more druid blogs out there than anything else. Perhaps because they are so versatile? Perhaps because they are so much fun to play? I don’t know why there are so many, but one of the best of the bunch is Secret Agent Cat. Again, a marvellous name and a very pretty blog too. (I’m into the visual aesthetic of WoW in many ways, and I’m of the opinion if you’re going to make your writing worth reading, make it worth looking at too!) Topics here are kitty-oriented, with lots of raid leading, tanking, pwning Alliance and a nice smattering of theorycrafting. I love the author’s enthusiasm for their class and their guild and the exuberant style with which they write. Everyone knows the Big Bear Butt, but do you know that there’s a cat who lives a life of danger? To everyone he meets, he stays a stranger. With every move he makes, another chance he takes. Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow.

Anger Management

You would love me when I'm angryI love my guild. Mostly. Sometimes, however, they drive me to the point where I want to start stabbing people in the throat with broken bottles. I am a volatile person, I have a short temper and I tend to anger easily, and asplode when I do lose it. When I want to reach through the interwebs and strangle someone who has wiped us on the same boss, in the same way for the fifth time that night, I ask myself, “what would the Angry Raid Leader do?” And then I don’t do that. Not because I think he’s wrong, but because I know that his style would never ever fly with my guild. He is the voice of my inner, unchained, unplugged and unhinged raid leader. He says the things I am thinking, and he does it with a style that is uncannily like my favourite (unofficial) raid adviser. I know that things have been hectic for Mr. Angry lately, with moving and all, but go back and read some of his posts from the end of TBC and you’ll learn to love him like I do. I offered to make angry babies with him, but I havn’t heard back yet!

We are the World …. of Warcraft.

gnomes have it so easyI blog about guild leading and trying to have a life and a relationship at the same time. I love to stumble on other people who blog about the same thing and in a similar style to myself. There are a few very good Guild Leadership oriented blogs out there, but I just stumbled upon this one the other day and was intrigued not only by it’s unique title and description, but by the smiliarity between myself and the author. I will be checking back here to see what other Items of Some Consequence may crop up that I will be interested in.

And Now for Something Completely Different

the sky is falling!Because I am to a large extent incredibly bored by the work I am doing lately, I havn’t bothered really talking much about it. It’s hard to make an interesting post about the fact that I’m having an ongoing arguement with the lab about the fact that they’re prepping the core too damn fast and destroying features I need to analyze or that one of my co-workers may or may not be trying to sabotage my project. But I am as much a scientist as a WoW player, so I thought I’d give two last shouts to two very nice science-oriented blogs. If you’re blogging with WordPress you’ve likely seen Watts Up With That on the dashboard. He gets a lot of comment love and was the Best Science Blog at the 2008 Weblog Awards. I’ve posted this link here because it’s not only a blog I love to read, but it illustrates an important point that a good many of my guildies already know. The only thing that gets me screaming and ranting and foaming at the mouth faster than saying “whups …facepull” or “hey, that Sidney Crosby is a great hockey player” is the dreaded “global warming.” I do not buy one single iota of the media-hyped, slap dash science-backed, fear mongering nonsense that is accepted as common wisdom about this so called “global warming.” If you want to talk to me more about it, I’d be very happy to. I’d suggest you start by looking at this blog first, though.

it's not my fault!If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve likely noticed my delight in puns. I don’t know what it is about geology, but I think there are more bad puns in geological science than any other. Although chemistry has it’s fair share. To wit: “What’s (H20)4? Drinking!” So I was intrigued by All My Faults Are Stress Related the first time I saw it on someone’s blog roll. Topics cover teaching (which I’m terrible at, and glad that part of my own education is over and done with), women in science, geology, the Rocky Mountains and other science topics of interest. Well written, and by someone close to home as well!

If you like what I write, I hope you’ll like what I read. These WoW blogs are worth looking at, even if you don’t become a regular reader. These science blogs are worthwhile because they ask people to think in a manner that is sadly not as prevalent as it should be. I’m working on a science blogroll, so keep an eye out for that coming soon. In the meantime, keep writing and keep reading and thanks so very much for dropping by here every now and then!