Dragon Soul – Yor’sahj the Unsleeping Strategy

Yeah yeah.

It’s been eight squillion years since I posted. It’s hard to post about being able to balance your life and WoW when you *can’t* balance your life and WoW. And that sucks. And actually is a bit shameful. But anyhow.

So we tried out Dragon Soul last night and (of course) WTFPWNED the elemental guy cause he’s easy. Ridic easy. *Chronicles* of Ridic easy. Then we tried to play volley ball with Warlock Zon’ozz (what is *with* the names???) and that wasn’t exactly hard, but it was getting a bit frustrating, so we decided to try Yor’sahj after our break. He’s not that bad, either, and here’s what we learned.

The Story

He stands in the middle and spawns three oozes, each in a different flavour. Each flavour of ooze does something nasty. You only get to kill one of the three oozes, thus eliminating its nastiness, but then he absorbs the other two and you have to deal with it. The key is to create a priority list of which flavour to kill, and then figure out ways to deal with the various combination of leftover flavours. Oh and, he spawns the oozes at the edge of the room and they squidge their way over to him. If you don’t kill at least one before it gets to him, he’ll absorb all three and that sucks. I guess it’s possible (with enough deeps) to kill more than one ooze, but we didn’t get that far in our experimentation last night.

Oh and he does a stacking debuff on the tank that’s not awful, but does mean the tanks have to taunt back and forth every three stacks or so. (We managed up to six stacks, but it wasn’t pretty).

The Ooozes

Purple = AMG KILL IT NAO. Causes healers to asplode. Healers do not like to be asploded.

Green = Posion! Spread more than 4 yards apart, but not too far!

Yellow = Boss AoE WTFPWN. Cuddle up on the boss’ but for AoE heals. Pray. Pray harder.

Black = Spawns a majillion adds. Cuddle up on boss butt so all the adds come to centre, AoE down. AoE heal.

Red = Chain fire. Hurts like a mofo, so cuddle up in the boss’ butt. (Seeing a pattern yet?)

Blue = Mana ball! Kill the fuck out of the mana ball! Kill it faster! AMG KILL IT FASTER I NEED MAH MANAZ BACK!

The Strategy

Our kill priority was Purple – Green – Yellow – Black. We managed to remember this by (loosely) relating it to gear quality. Epic > Uncommon > BoA > Vendor Trash. (Yeah yeah it’s not perfect. Sue me.)

Tank him in the centre. When the oozes spawn, have one person call out which flavour we’re killing. Everyone, including the tank, runs over to it and kills the fuck out of it before it hits the boss. Then we (usually) cuddle up in the boss’ ass to deal with whatever is left.

The biggest issue we faced was having four caster dps. That was nasty when the mana ball was up. Our offtank would run over and get all up in the mana ball to help kill it. We also had a healer druid ninervate one of the other healers to weather the storm while we waited for our warlocks and mages to wand the mana ball to death.

We did not (thank you Jeebus and all the RNG Gods) get the Purple-Red-Green flavour combo. This is (by all reports) particularily nasty as you KILL THE FUCK out of the purple and then are left with cuddle for Red but spread the hell out for Green. Sounds ugly.

We got him to about 30% after four or five tries last night, he’ll be dead and dropping loots tonight. Hope this helps!


Oh, Not This Again

So, the lure of the wild has called. The call of the wild has lured. I am heading back into the frontiers and wilderness to experience this physical, natural science we call geology in all it’s glory. Oh, and there will be potash.

I won’t be gone long, (Field Season 3.5 The Search for OH GOD THIS CAMP IS DRY OH SWEET JESUS WHYYYY????) but I don’t know exactly what kind of time and internets connectivity I’m going to have. There is likely to be some blogular whining about how I can’t play Warcraft and how much I miss my guild and how my attempts to reach the gold cap are falling behind.

I will miss the Good Ship Imposs. I will try and stay connected via out forums, and hopefully someone will take the time to say “hey” every now and then. I will miss the blog communities that I have become a tangential part of. I will miss my my home and my cats and my better half.

On the plus side, I now have both coveralls and a winter coat with my name stitched on them. 8 years of University have finally paid off!!


So, I’ve got this thing:

and I think I know how it works! (Worked. It’s broken now.)

In much the same way that “failing at life” seems to be easier to define than “winning at life”, winning Warcraft is a very slippery thing to pin down. Everyone seems to have a different idea of what truly winning means. Never one to leave my two copper out of the equation, regardless of how much good it could or could not do, here are some very easy to follow guidelines if you’re looking to Win at WoW. (Sorry, can’t help you with winning at life, this isn’t that kind of blog)

1. Roll a toon, any toon. (Really, you can Win at WoW with any race/class/faction combo you want!)

2. Level to max level. (could be 60, 70, 80 … 90! Whatever the max is. I certainly don’t want people starting today to think they cannot Win at WoW!)

3. Get all your best-in-slot items. Get them for all the specs available to your class. (Yes, it’s harder for hyrbrids to Win at WoW, but that’s half of the fun of playing a hybrid spec!)

4. Get all your achievements. All of them. (I’m leaving out achievements that cannot be repeated by anyone. Like server firsts or Blizzcon. It’s not fair to tell a brand new player they can’t Win at WoW too. BUt if you already have those achievements, A+!)

5. Get the best Arena Rating and the highest PvP title available. (Someone has to have an Arena Rating of 1, it could be you!)

6. Kill every boss. All of them. (I know this will repeat some of the ground covered under getting all your achievements, but raiding is a very important part of Winning at WoW!)

7. Achieve the gold cap for your charcter! (Be the greediest goblin you can be!)

See? By following these seven very simple steps, you and your friends and family can Win at WoW!!

Bonus Credit: Do all of the above with one of every class.